Friday, September 30, 2011

Print Those Coupons Before They Are Gone

This is your end of the month print reminder!  If there are printable coupons you were planning to print, there's no time like the present!  So, get them before they are gone!  And don't forget there are a lot of coupons that expire today, September 30th!  Be sure to use it before you lose it!

Southside Elementary Fall Festival

If you happen to be at the Southside Elementary School Fall Festival tonight, be sure to check out the Cake Walk and Bingo!  I put together a few gift baskets and I am so proud of how they turned out!  I had gotten five boxes of brownie mix FREE earlier this week at Kmart (thank you double coupons!) and picked up a pan and vegetable oil at the Dollar Tree to create these adorable baskets for the cake walk!  And I am in love with the "travel size" basket for bingo (wish I'd made more of those)!  The pink basket is filled to the brim with feminine health and beauty items!  Of course, the blue basket has all the masculine health and beauty items any guy would need!  If you're lucky enough to win one of those baskets in bingo, you won't need to buy body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, or razors for at least a month!  If you've never used Shrink Wrap Gift Basket bags from the Dollar Tree, you just have not lived!  Those things are amazing!  I used cookie tray bags for the Brownie Mix Baskets and they were the perfect size for that little cake pan!  The Easter style basket was a little tall, but I managed to get the bag tied!  What do you think?  Are they worth playing for?  I think they are awesome!
Above, the "travel size" basket.  I used a Scotties tissue box as my base and just started sticking things to it with double sided tape.  I made a second layer out of a mini-first aid kit, a travel size Secret Clinical deodorant, a small box of Kotex liners, and a travel pack of shout wipes.  I had a couple packets of Tide so I put them in the little opening which gave the basket just the right amount of height.  That basket is just dying to go on vacation!

10/2 Coupon Preview

Thanks to Southern Savers for the upcoming insert preview!  I've underlined my favorites!

PG 10/02
$1 off
Always Infinity, 14 ct +
.50/1 Always pads, clean or feminine cleansing cloths
.50/1 Always pantiliners, 30 ct +
.75/1 Bounce product (Happy to see that one back this month!).25/1 Bounty napkins
.25/1 Bounty towels or napkins
.35/1 Charmin product
$2 off Clairol hair color
$8/2 CoverGirl face products
$1 off CoverGirl product
$7 off Crest 3D White Professional Effects, 2 Hour Express, Advanced Vivid, Stain Shield or Gentle Routine whitestrips, excl Vivid
$1 off Crest toothpaste 4 oz + or liquid gel, excl Cavity, Baking Soda or Tartar
.50/1 Crest toothpaste 4 oz + or liquid gel
.50/1 Dawn Plus
.25/1 Dawn product
$2 off Downy Unstoppables
$1 off Febreze Air Effects
$1 off Febreze fabric refresher
$1 off Febreze Noticeables refill
$2 off Febreze Noticeables warmer pk
$2/2 Febreze product
Free Febreze Set & Refresh wyb candle, max $3.29
.50/1 Fixodent adhesive, 1.05 oz +
.75/1 Fixodent cleanser
$2 off Gillette body wash, excl trial size
$2 off Gillette deodorant, excl trial size
$5 off Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor wyb cartridge 4 ct +
$3 off Gillette Venus razor or refill excl disposable AND Secret deodorant excl trial size and original
.75/1 Glad trash bag (That's a new one for the P&G insert!)$1 off Head & Shoulders shampoo or conditioner, excl trial size
.35/1 Ivory body wash or bar or Safeguard bar or liquid hand soap
$1 off Metamucil product
Free Olay bar, body wash or in shower body lotion wyb Gillette Venus 6 or 8 ct refill, max $7.99
$3 off Olay Regenerist facial moisturizer or cleanser, excl trial size
$2 off Old Spice body spray or fragrance, excl trial size
$1 off Old Spice product, 1.7 oz +
$3 off Oral-B battery toothbrush
$1.50/2 Oral-B floss or floss picks, 30 ct +
.75/1 Oral-B Pulsar, 3D White, ProHealth or Complete toothbrushes or (2) Indicator or Cavity Defense manual toothbrushes
$1.50 off Pampers (2) bags or (1) box diapers or pants
.50/1 Pampers wipes, 60 ct +
$1/2 Pantene product, excl trial size
$1 off Prilosec OTC product
$1/2 Pringles Fat Free cans, 165 g +
.50/1 Pringles Snack Stacks or Stix
$1/4 Pringles Super Stack can, 180 g +
.25/1 Puffs tissue, 3 pk or (3) singles
.75/1 Scope mouthwash, 710 mL +
B1G1 Swiffer Dust & Shine, max $3.99
Free Swiffer refill wyb starter kit, max $7
B1G1 Tampax Pearl Compak, 12-20 ct, max $3.99
$1 off Tampax Pearl or Pearl compak, 18 ct +
.50/1 Tampax product, 18 ct +
.50/1 Tide detergent or Stain Release or Downy product
$1/2 Tide detergent or Stain Release, Downy, or Bounce product
$2/3 Tide detergent or Stain Release, Downy, or Bounce product
.50/1 Tide washing machine cleaner
$1.50 off Vicks Nature Fusion
$1 off Vicks product

RP 10/02
$1 off
Advantage Tagamet 30 ct, Debrox, Gaviscon, Phazyme, Sominex, Nytol, Gly-Oxide or Massangill 4 pk
$1 off all laundry detergent, 28 load +$1 off Bertolli meal soup or frozen emal
$1.50 off Citrucel bulk fiber therapy
$1 off Disney or Marvel vitamins
.75/1 Dove beauty bar, 6 bar +, excl Men+Care
$1 off Dove body wash, 10 oz +, excl Men+Care
.75/1 Dove deodorant or body mist, excl trial size or Men+Care
B1G1 Dove hair care product , max $6, excl trial size
.75/1 Dove hair care treatment, excl trial size
$1 off Dove Men+Care deodorant, 2.7-3 oz, excl trial size
$1.50 off Dove Men+Care body and face bar, 6 pk +, excl trial size
$1 off Dove Men+Care body and face wash 13.5 oz + or Active Clean shower tool, excl trial size
$1.50 off Ecotrin Aspirin therapy
$1 off Emetrol Breakfast on the Go product, 7.5 oz +
$1 off Folgers coffee, 3 oz +
.35/1 Folgers instant coffee, single serve pk
.75/2 Jimmy Dean sausage roll
$1 off L'Oreal Paris cosmetic product
$2 off L'Oreal Preference shade
$2 off L'Oreal Root Rescue shade
.75/1 Mother's cookies, 11.5 oz +
$1 off Nivea lip care stick 0.17 oz or tube 0.35 oz
$3/2 Nivea lip care stick 0.17 oz or tube 0.35 oz
$1.50 off OsCal calcium supplement
$1 off Pond's cream, towelettes or cleansing product, excl trial size
$1 off Pond's wet cleansing towelettes, 30 ct
B1G1 Pure Protein bar, max $1.69
$1 off Pure Protein powder or drink
.50/1 Purina Cat or Kitten Chow, excl 16-18 oz
.75/2 Purina Whisker Lickin's
$1.50 off Sarna anti-itch product
.75/1 Snuggle fabric softener liquid or sheetsB1G1 Suave Kids hair care, max $3.50
B1G1 Suave Professional Dry shampoo or stylant, max $3.50
B1G1 Suave Professional shampoo or conditioner, max $3
.50/1 Success rice$1 off Sundown Naturals vitamin or supplement
$1/2 Tic Tac mints, single or multipkB1G1 TresEmme shampoo or conditioner, max $6, excl trial size
B1G1 TresEmme stylant, max $6, excl trial size
Free Vaseline lotion max 13 oz wyb (1) 20.3 oz +
.50/1 Vicks Cold & Flu or Cough relief item (Target coupon), excl trial size

SS 10/02
3M Command product
$1 off Activia Selects, multipk or (3) singles
$2 off ActivOn Arthritis or Joint & Muscle product
.55/1 Alexia frozen product
.30/1 Argo baking powder, 12 oz
.50/1 Bestlife buttery spread, spray or baking sticks
.40/2 Campbell's condensed chicken noodle or tomato soup
.40/2 Campbell's condensed soups, excl chicken noodle, tomato or Great for Cooking
.50/2 Campbell's microwave bowls or Soup at Hand
.50/1 Campbell's V8 vegetable juice, 46 oz +
$1 off Campbell's V8 vegetable juice, 5.5 or 11.5 oz can 6 pk
$1 off Caribou coffee, 12 oz
.40/1 Colgate adult or kids manual toothbrush, excl Plus and Extra Clean
$1 off Colgate 360 battery toothbrush or refill
.50/1 Colgate toothpaste, 4 oz +
.75/1 Colgate Total, Max Fresh or Sensitive toothpaste, 4 oz +
.50/1 Colgate Wisp product, 4 ct +
.50/1 Cottonelle toilet paper, 12 pk + or (2) 4 pk
$3 off Dr. Scholl's massaging gel insoles
$4 off Dr. Scholl's pain relief orthotics
.75/1 Eggland's Best Cage Free or Organic eggs, 1 dozen
.50/1 Eggland's Best eggs
$1 off Energizer batteries or flashlight
$2 off Farmer John bacon
.40/1 Fleischmann's jar or strip yeast
.40/1 Fleischmann's pizza crust yeast strip
$1 off Foster Farms fresh turkey tray pk
.50/1 Frank's RedHot sauce, 12 oz +
.55/1 Frigo Cheese Heads string cheese, 10 oz +
$1 off Glad To Go containers w/ snap-in dressing cups
$3 off Glucerna Hunger Smart product
$2.50/2 Glucerna product
$1/3 Healthy Choice frozen meals
$1 off Hidden Valley Farmhouse Original salad dressing
.40/1 Karo syrup, 16 oz + (Getting ready for holiday baking?).40/1 Karo syrup, 16 oz +
.30/1 Kingsford's corn starch, 16 oz
.50/3 Kleenex bundle pk or (3) boxes 50 ct +
.50/1 Kleenex Cool Touch facial tissue, 50 ct +
.75/1 Kleenex hand towels, excl trial size
$1 off L'Oreal Paris cleanser
$2 off L'Oreal Paris moisturizer
$2.50 off Lactaid Fast Act dietary supplement, 32 ct +
$1 off Little Remedies product
.50/1 Mazola oil or spray
$1 off MiraLax product, excl 7 dose
$3 off MiraLax product, 30 dose
$1 off Nature Made fish oil
$1 off Nature Made vitamin B
$1 off Nature Made vitamin D
$2 off Neutrogena face makeup
$1 off Neutrogena lip or eye makeup
.25/1 Palmolive Ultra dish liquid, 25 oz +
$1.50 off Pedialyte product
$10/$50 Perfumania purchase
$1 off Pert Plus 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 product, excl trial size
$1 off Playtex Gentle Glide tampons, 18 ct +
$1 off Playtex Sport tampons, 14 ct +
$1 off Pom Reg or Lite, 16 or 48 oz
.50/1 Reynolds Baked for You StayBrite baking cups
.25/2 Reynolds baking cups
.50/1 Reynolds foil, excl 18-30 sq ft and wrappers (Now excludes Reynods Wrappers!)
$1.50 off Reynolds foil excl 18-30 sq ft and wrappers AND parchment paper
.50/1 Reynolds parchment paper
Free Ricola 19-30 ct bag wyb Dual Action, max $3.99
$1 off Sure deodorant
.40/2 Swanson broth or stock carton (I'm hoping for a sale!)$1 off Swanson Flavor Boost concentrated broth
.75/1 Tai Pei entree, 12-14 oz
$1 off Tai Pei Stir Fry Creations entree, 24 oz
$1 off Trojan condoms, 10 ct +
$1 off Trojan Vibrations product
$1 off Tucks product
.75/1 Tyson Crispy chicken strips
$1 off Viactiv soft chews dietary supplement
.60/1 Viva Big Roll paper towels, 1 roll +
$1/2 Werther's Original caramels
.50/1 Wholly product
$1 off Woolite carpet & upholstery formula
$1.50 off Zyrtec product, 12 ct +
$3 off Zyrtec product, 24 ct +

Pepsico Moments to Save insert 10/02
Cheetos or Fritos snacks, 8.5 oz + (On sale thru 10/4 at Market Place!)$2/2 Frito-Lay variety pks, 20 ct +
$1/4 Lipton Pure Leaf 16 oz, Natural Lipton iced tea 20 oz or Tazo tea 13.8 oz
$2/2 Lipton tea, 12 pk
Free Diet Pepsi 2 L wyb tortilla chips 9 oz + AND dip jar 15 oz +
$2/2 Pepsi drink, 18 pk, 20 pk or 12 oz 24 pk + cans (I look for these to be on sale next week!).55/1 Pepsi Max, 2 L
Free Pepsi Max 2 L wyb (2) Cheetos bags 8.5 oz +
$1/3 Quaker Life or Oatmeal Squares cereal 12-24 oz or instant oatmeal
$1/2 Sierra Mist Natural drink, 2 L
$1/5 SoBe 20 oz, Propel 24 oz or Propel Zero 24 oz
$2/2 Starbucks Frappuccino or Double Shot, 4 pk
$1/2 SunChips product, 10 oz +
$1 off Tostitos tortilla chips 9 oz + AND dip jar 15 oz +
$1 off Tropicana Pure Premium or Trop50, 59 oz

Don't forget the Nabisco Cookies & Milk Coupon Tomorrow!

This is an early reminder to keep an eye on the Nabiso Cookies and Milk Facebook page this Saturday, October 1st.  There is usually a coupon available on the first day of the month to save on Milk and Cookies.  The September coupon wasn't available until around 11 am on the first, so set your alarm or make yourself a note!  What's your favorite cookie?  I think mine has to be Nutter Butters!  Yum!

Home Made Simple: Total Desk Clean Out

A good blogger would probably take a picture of their messy desk and include it in this post....but I am just not going to subject you to the mess that is my desk.  And I really thought I cleaned it off the other day!  I don't know where all this stuff comes from, I really don't!  But, I am going to challenge myself and use some of the suggestions from the Home Made Simple: Total Desk Clean Out article.  I like a lot of the ideas, even love the clipboards on the wall.  It all sounds like a great project for a rainy day!  And to top it off, I saw a post on Pillow Thought today that I really liked!  She made her closet into a mini-office of sorts and I am dying to mimick it!  I love the idea of hiding it all behind closed doors!  While you're checking it out, be sure to "like" Pillow Thought on Facebook!

Missed the Little Debbie Coupon

I hope you were more lucky than me!  I missed the Little Debbie coupon on Facebook!  But, there was a post telling us to expect another coupon next week!  I just wish they'd posted a day and time!

UPDATE:  It's Thursday at 9:52 pm and I just got this email from Little Debbie: 

Launching today, we have a limited number of coupons available to print for our delectable new Chocolate Chip Brownies. Simply visit and 'like' us to print your 55¢ coupon. Current and new fans alike will have the same opportunity to enjoy the savings!
Does anyone else think they were a little late sending out that message!  No worries, I prefer the Walnut Brownies any day!

Culinary Crafts: My Life According to Maxine

After reading this week's Culinary Crafts: My Life According to Maxine, I just couldn't help but wonder what good ol' Maxine would have to say about couponing?  Especially Extreme Couponing!  I'd probably have to cover my ears!  But wouldn't that make a funny Hallmark card?  Don't they say Hallmark makes a card for everything?

I wish I could draw, but I can't, so use your imagination.....Picture a little house with a little lady in front of it, then beside that there's a huge house where she keeps her stockpile...she had to build the bigger house to hold the stockpile....and it would say Stockpile = $30,000...Paid = $300........
New House for Stockpile = $150,000.......
Never running out of toilet paper = Priceless
Be sure to check it out on Leigh's Culinary Crafts blog or on iSurf!

SmartSource: Pepsi Printable Coupons

If you've been trying to find the Pepsi printables available on SmartSource, here is a good link for you courtesy of Southern Savers!

These printables are great if we don't see the actual insert in our area this Sunday!

After printing my coupons, the browser redirected to the Stater Bros. Market website, and I have no idea why!  But, hey, the coupons printed!

Krazy Coupon Lady: Help Stores Lower Costs

I can not tell you how much I love this list of ways to help stores lower costs posted by The Krazy Coupon Lady!  See it really does pay to be a good samaritan! 

Give yourself a pat on the back if you've done at least one thing on her list this week! 

10/2 Walgreens Register Reward Deals

If you like to get a jump start on your couponing for the upcoming week, be sure to check the Register Rewards list on Wild for Wags for all the deals at Walgreens next week!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did you watch Extreme Couponing?

I'm actually typing this before the show airs, but I wanted to pass along a link to Cuckoo For Coupon Deals where the extreme dislike of Extreme Couponing has begun!  If history repeats itself, there will be plenty of bad-mouthing across the coupon-osphere tomorrow, er today.  But, before you jump onto the blog bash-train, keep this in mind.....We've all gone to the store only to find empty shelves, and it stinks.  But, you have to admit that "the early bird gets the worm" and most things in life are "first come, first served".  It helps no one when couponers view other couponers are competition.  It's also true that "everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten"...."share and share alike"......"treat others as you want to be treated"....."couponers CAN make a difference, one donation at a time!"

Southern Savers: Sunday Coupon Inserts

Southern Savers is really one of my favorite coupon blogs.  We may not live in the extreme south, but I consider myself a Southerner, don't you? 

Be sure to check out Jenny's post Real Extreme Couponing: Sunday Coupon Inserts.

My Litter: How to Extreme Coupon the right way

I think it's sort of strange when a past Extreme Couponer advises other couponers not to watch TLC's Extreme Couponing....But, that's just one of the recommendations by My Litter in the post Extreme Couponing, How to do it the right way! 

I remember their episode and I can't say that I thought it was more or less realistic than any of the other shows.  In her post, she says the savings was not accomplished from double coupons, but she doesn't say it was accomplished by coupons alone.  And I don't consider a "save on your next order" catalina a coupon.  I wish the couponers featured on the show would make their sales receipt public.  Put your receipt where your mouth is, so to speak. 

What to buy, and when

Thanks to My Music City Mommy for a month by month list of items to buy during sales cycles.  Some of the best coupons and store sales happened around tax refund time this year, and 2012 is right around the corner!  This one would be worth printing and putting in your coupon binder!

Cuckoo: Special Ordering

Cuckoo for Coupon Deals has a good list of suggestions for placing a special order. 

I've tried to make a special order at Market Place and they were unable to get the product.  Have you made a specail order?  How did it go?  Any problems?

{LOL}Save Big with Jenny's Number

I saw this topic on yahoo! this morning and had to take a look.  You'll have that song stuck in your head all day!  8675309....I'd never be able to keep a strait face and give out this fake phone number, but I thought it was funny.  Would you be able to do it?

Just click here to watch!

Cuckoo: Coupon Fairies

Cuckoo for Coupon Deals has been on fire today with Hot Coupon Topics.  Have you been helped by a Coupon Fairy while shopping?  I was shopping for cereal about a week ago and just happened to spot a coupon someone had left on the shelf that saved me a buck!  And the cereal had a special code to receive a free book from Scholastic!  So, that coupon actually helped me save a total of $6!  As for the coupon swap baskets, I haven't noticed them at our Walmart.  For a time there were little baskets along the shelves where you could pick up or drop off coupons.  But, I never found anything useful.  And I kind of thought they looked tacky.  I did witness a Kroger employee throwing away coupons that had been left on the shelves.  I know, I was horrified, too.  So, if you're a coupon fairy, keep up the good work!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9/28 Market Place, Sureway, Food Giant Coupon Matchup

Sales begin Wednesday, September 28th and end Tuesday, October 4th!

{{**All 8/28 Proctor & Gamble coupons expire Friday, September 30th!!!**}}

Food Giant & Sureway Coupon Matchups

Smart Shopper Savings Matchups
  • Charmin $4.98 - Save $0.25/1 (8.28 PG) or Save $1/1 (9/11 RP)
  • Bounty Basic Paper Towels $4.98 - Save $1/1 (9/11 SS)
  • Folgers $7.98 - Save $1/1 (Upcoming 10/2 RP)
Regular Weekly Ad Matchups
  • General Mills Cereals 4/$10 - Save $1/2 (9/25 SS)
  • Bunny Bread 2/$3 - Save $0.25/1 (7/31 SS)
  • Ragu 3/$5 - Save $0.75/2 (9/11 RP) or Unilever Printable (if available)
  • DiGiorno Pizza 2/$10 - Save $1/1 (9/11 RP)
  • Farm Rich Snacks $4.98 - Farm Rich Printable (if available)
  • Nestle Baking Chips $1.98 - Nestle Printable (if available)
  • Ritz Crackers 2/$5 - Save $2/2 with In-Ad Coupon
  • Ritz Crackerfuls 2/$5 - Crackerfuls Facebook (if available)
  • Pompeian Olive Oil $4.48 - Pompeian Printable (if available)
  • Gain Laundry Detergent $9.98 - Save $1/1 (8/14 RP; exp 9/30)
  • Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits $2.98 - Save $1.50/2 (8/14 RP or 9/25 RP)
  • Dawn Dish Liquid $2.48 - Save $0.50/1 or $0.75/1 (8/28 PG)
  • Cascade $3.98 - Save $1/1 (8/28 PG)
  • Johnson & Johnson's Baby Care Products $2.99 - Johnson & Johnson 2-in-1 Baby Shampoo $1.00 (zip:77477) (if shampoo is included)
  • Head & Shoulders $4.49 - Save $1/1 (8/28 PG)
  • Zest, Ivory, Safeguard Bar Soaps $1.99 - Save $1/1 (9/11 SS) or Save $0.35/1 (8/28 PG)
  • Crest Toothpaste $1.99 - Save $0.50/1 (8/28 PG)
  • Tums $3.89 - Save $1/2 (8/28 PG)
  • Land O Frost $2.18 - Save $0.55/1 (7/24 RP) (if Premium is included)
  • Eckrich Smoked Sausage $2.98 - Save $0.55/1 or $1/2 (8/28 SS; exp 9/30)
  • Sea Best Tilapia Fillets 2/$9 - Sea Best Printable (if available)
  • Sea Best Catfish Fillets $5.98 - Sea Best Printable (if available)

Market Place Coupon Matchups
  • Tide $4.98 - Save $1/2 (9/25 RP) or Save $1.50/2 (8/28 PG) or Save $0.50/1 (8/28 PG)
  • Charmin $4.98 - Save $0.25/1 (8.28 PG) or Save $1/1 (9/11 RP)
  • Bounty Paper Towels $4.98 - Save $1/1 (9/11 SS)
  • Bunny Bread (Honey Wheat, Sandwich, or Whole Grain White) $1.48 - Save $0.25 (7/31 SS)
  • Totino's Pizza Rolls 4/$5 - Totino’s Pizza Rolls $0.40 (zip:77477)
  • Northstar Frozen Novelties 2/$5 - Save $0.50/1 (8/28 RP) DO NOT DOUBLE
  • Land O Frost Lunchmeat $2.17 - Save $0.55/1 (7/24 RP) (if Premium is included)
  • Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls $2.98 - Pillsbury Sweet Rolls $0.40 (zip:77477) or Coupon Network Printable
  • Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 3/$5 - Coupon Network Printable
  • Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies $1.97 - Save $1/2 (8/7 RP) or Save $0.55/2 (9/18 RP)
  • Puffs Tissues 5/$5 - Save $0.25/3 (8/28 PG)
  • Cascade $4.98 - Save $1/1 (8/28 PG)
  • Wisk 2x Liquid $9.98 - Save $2/1 (8/21 SS)
  • Pringles 2/$3 - Save $1/4 (8/28 PG) (if size specified on coupon)
  • Downy $5.48 - Save $1.50/2 (8/28 PG) or Save $0.50/1 (8/28 PG)
  • Cool Whip $1.38 - Save $1/2 w/ Food Giant Family of Stores Coupon
  • Kraft Cheese Singles $2.28 - Save $2/2 w/ Food Giant Family of Stores Coupon
  • Kraft Chunks or Shredded Cheese 3/$5 - Save $2/2 w/ Food Giant Family of Stores Coupon
  • Kraft Dressings $2.48 - Save $1/1 w/ Food Giant Family of Stores Coupon
  • Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip $2.98 - Save $1/1 w/ Food Giant Family of Stores Coupon
  • Velvetta Cheese $5.38 - Save $1/1 w/ Food Giant Family of Stores Coupon
  • Maxwell House Coffee $8.75 - Save $2/1 w/ Food Giant Family of Stores Coupon
{{Look for the Food Giant Family of Stores Coupons near the service desk}}
(these coupons are also in the Sureway/Food Giant Ad which is usually available in the Wednesday edition of the Madisonville Messenger)

Food Giant In-Ad Coupons

Be sure to grab a copy of today's (9/28) Madisonville Messenger for your Sureway weekly ad.  There are several In-Ad coupons you don't want to miss!  The online Market Place ad does not feature the coupons, but there may be coupons near the service desk so check as you enter the store.  If you don't see any coupons, be sure to ask!

  • Save $2/2 Kraft Natural Cheeses
  • Save $1/1 Velveeta Cheese
  • Save $2/2 Chips Ahoy Cookies
  • Save $2/2 Ritz Crackers
  • Save $2/2 Nabisco Snack Crackers
  • Save $2/2 Kraft Singles
  • Save $1/1 A.1. Steak Sauce
  • Save $1/1 Velveeta Cheesy Skillets
  • Save $1/1 Kraft Dressing
  • Save $1/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip
  • Save $1/2 Cook Whip
  • Save $2/1 Maxwell House Ground Coffee

Will We See 6 Coupon Inserts This Sunday?

Just read on Cuckoo For Coupon Deals (who heard it from We Use Coupons) that there is going to be SIX coupon inserts this Sunday!  If we are lucky enough to see all six in our local papers, I will be happy and amazed!  Keep your fingers crossed!

  1. Playschool, *will go well with Christmas sales!
  2. Smart Source,
  3. P & G Brandsaver,
  4. Moments to Save Coupons(Pepsico),
  5. Red Plum,
  6. Komen Race for the Cure Everyday Saver
No list yet of what coupons each insert will have.

All You Magazine October Coupons

Thanks to My Evansville Mommy for posting the All You October issue coupons!  And the issue is available at a Walmart checkout near you!

AdvertiserCoupon ValueExpiration DatePage Number
AJAX® Multi-Purpose Cleaners & Dish Liquid
12/22/11p. 138
All You Smart Shopping Guide
11/11/11p. 156
Ban® Invisible Solids
11/30/11p. 26
Barber Foods® Stuffed Chicken Breasts
11/03/11p. 142
Brita® Pitcher or Faucet Mount System
12/31/11p. 110
Colgate® Optic White™ Toothpaste
11/30/11p. 123
Dole Frozen Fruit in Cups
12/31/11p. 81
Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakes
12/31/11p. 132
Eight O’Clock® Coffee
11/30/11p. 145
11/30/11p. 31
Fashion Bug
$10 off your purchase of $25 or more
10/31/11p. 37
Fast Classics
12/31/11p. 160
Fast Fixin’
12/31/11p. 160
Febreze® Laundry Odor Eliminator
06/30/12p. 140
Fun Size Snickers®, Milky Way®, Twix® or
3 Musketeers®
10/31/11p. 17
GE Energy Smart®/GE Halogen Light Bulbs
01/31/12p. 45
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter®
10/23/11p. 151
Idahoan® Au Gratin or Scalloped Homestyle Casserole
FREE (up to $1.69 value)
12/31/11p. 83
Keri Lotion
11/30/11p. 162
12/31/11p. 48
La Créme® Creamer
Buy 1, Get 1 Free
(up to $2.49 value)
10/31/11p. 69
L’il Critters Gummy Vites
12/31/11p. 164
Lysol® Extra Large Wipes
01/31/12p. 167
Michael Angelo’s® Family Entrée (20 oz.)
12/31/11p. 112
Michael Angelo’s® Single Entrée (8–16 oz.)
12/31/11p. 112
Michelina’s Lean Gourmet®
All Natural Bowls
$1.00 off 2
12/31/11p. 57
Mineral Ice
11/30/11p. 162
Mrs. T’s Pierogies
$1.00 off any 2
12/31/11p. 108
NESTLÉ Fun Size Bags
(9 oz. or larger)
$1.00 off any 2
10/31/11p. 130
NYC New York Color® Eye Product or In A NY Minute Nail Color
Buy 1,
Get 1 Free (up to $4.47 value) on any Eye or In a NY Minute Nail Color (of equal or lesser value)
10/31/11p. 29
Olivari® Mediterranean Olive Oil
11/30/11p. 134
Phillips’® Colon Health®
12/31/11p. 62
Quaker® Instant Oatmeal Chocolate Chip or Honey Bun Flavors
11/30/11p. 19
Rosetto® Ravioli and Tortellini
$1.00 off 2
12/31/11p. 149
Sister Schubert’s® Rolls
12/23/11p. 100
Smithfield Quarter Boneless Spirals, Quarter Boneless Sliced Ham and
Ham Steaks
11/18/11p. 147
Soothe® Hydration Lubricant Eye Drops
12/31/11p. 10
01/21/12p. 59

Red Plum Sunday Coupon Preview {10/2}

Thanks to Sunday Coupon Preview for the RedPlum insert list!

Advantage Brands Save $1/1 Tagamet 30ct, Debrox, Gaviscon, Phazyme, Sominex, Nytol, Gly-Oxide and Massengill 4pk only (12/31)
all Save $1/1 laundry detergent 28 load+ (11/13)Bertolli Save $1/1 meal soup or frozen meal (10/30)
Citrucel Save $1.50/1 bulk fiber therapy product (12/31)
Disney/Marvel Save $1/1 vitamin products (11/23)
Dove Save $.75/1 anti-perspirant/deodorant or body mist, excludes trial/Men+Care (10/30)
Dove Save $.75/1 beauty bar 6-bar pack+, excludes Men+Care (10/30)
Dove Save $.75/1 hair care treatment ets (10/30)
Dove Save $1.50/1 Men+Care body and face bar 6-bar pack+ ets (10/30)
Dove Save $1/1 body wash 10oz+ excludes Men+Care (10/30)
Dove Save $1/1 Men+Care antiperspirant 2.7oz or deodorant 3oz ets (10/30)
Dove Save $1/1 Men+Care body and face wash 13.5oz+ ets or Active Clean shower tool (10/30)
Dove B1G1 free hair care product up to Save $6 ets (Includes shampoo, conditioner, deep treatment conditioner, treatments and styling products) (10/30) Limit 4 coupons per shopping trip.
Ecotrin Save $1.50/1 aspirin therapy product (12/31)
Emerald Save $1/1 Breakfast on the go! product 7.5oz+ (11/20)
Folgers Save $.35/1 instant single serve packet (11/2)
Folgers Save $1/1 coffee 3oz+ (11/2)
Jimmy Dean Save $.75/2 sausage rolls dnd (11/6)
L’Oreal Save $1/1 Paris cosmetic product (11/27)
L’Oreal Save $2/1 shade of Preference (11/27)
L’Oreal Save $2/1 shade of Root Rescue (11/27)
Mother’s Save $.75/1 package of cookies 11.5oz+ (11/27)
Nivea Save $1/1 lip care products .17oz stick – .35floz tube (10/16)
Nivea Save $3/2 lip care products .17oz stick – .35floz tube (10/16)
OsCal Save $1.50/1 calcium supplement product (12/31)
POND’S Save $1/1 cream, towelettes or cleansing product ets (10/30)
POND’S Save $1/1 wet cleansing towelettes 30ct only (10/30)
Pure Protein Save $1/1 powder or drink (11/13)
Pure Protein B1G1 free bar up to Save $1.69 (11/13)
Purina Save $.50/1 Cat Chow or Kitten Chow excluding 16-18oz (11/27)
Purina Save $.75/2 Whisker Lickin’s (1/2/12)
Sarna Save $1.50/1 anti-itch product (12/31)
Snuggle Save $.75/1 fabric softener liquid or dryer sheets (11/13)Suave B1G1 free Kids shampoo, conditioner or detangling product up to Save $3.50 (10/30) Limit 4 coupons per shopping trip.
Suave B1G1 free Professional dry shampoo or styling product up to Save $3.50 (10/30) Limit 4 coupons per shopping trip.
Suave B1G1 free Professional shampoo or conditioner up to Save $3 (10/30) Limit 4 coupons per shopping trip.
Success Save $.50/1 rice product (11/30)Sundown Naturals Save $1/1 vitamin or supplement product (11/16)
Tic Tac Save $1/2 single packs or multipacks (11/30)TRESemme B1G1 free shampoo or conditioner up to Save $6 ets (10/31) Limit 4 coupons per shopping trip.
TRESemme B1G1 free styling product up to Save $6 ets (10/31) Limit 4 coupons per shopping trip.
Vaseline Buy 1 lotion 20.3oz+, get 1 13oz or smaller free up to Save $3.99 (10/30) Limit 4 coupons per shopping trip.
Vicks Save $.50/1 cold & flu or cough relief item ets Target coupon (12/2)

My Litter: Printable Coupon Rant

A must watch video from My Litter about problems couponers are encountering when using printable coupons.  I think coupon acceptance locally has gotten a lot better over the last few months.  Stores seem more prepared and willing to accept our coupons and we are more familiar with the store policies now!

I Heart the Mart: Walmart's Under a Buck List

I always enjoy reading I Heart the Mart's Under a $1 list for Walmart. 

Be warned, the prices at our Walmart may not be the same!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Redeemable At" v. "Redeemable Only At"

In my search for a difinitive answer to the "Redeemable ONLY" and "Redeemable at" question, I found an interesting YouTube video.  Just click here, it's a little long but interesting, and it didn't answer my question about these coupons at all! 

I did find a forum on A Full Cup with several responses.  A majority of couponers say it's ok to use those manufactuer's coupons anywhere regardless of the "only".  I'm not in 100% agreement on this one.  Take the two coupons above.  The Sambazon says "redeemable ONLY at Publix" and the Pepsi says "redeemable at Publix".  I wouldn't want to use the Sambazon coupon anywhere but at Publix because that ONLY is pretty clear, and strait forward.  The similar wording on the Pepsi coupon feels more like a recommendation to use it at Publix rather than a direct order.  So, I'd be ok using the Pepsi coupon here in Hopkins County. 

I really wish the manufacturer's would come out with a "couponing 101" to make this easier for us, don't you?

Brut $1 at Kroger through 10/15

Were you lucky enough to get the $1 off Brut product coupon from the 8/14 SmartSource?  If you were, you're going to want to head to Kroger before it expires on September 30th!  According to Southern Savers, Brut is on sale for a $1 at Kroger and that makes it FREE after coupon!

Double Your Coupons at Kmart through Saturday!

If you were like me and you didn't look at the Kmart ad you received in the mail, you'll be happy to know that Kmart is doubling coupons again this week!  The ad states:  Unlimited double manufacturer's coupons up to 99-cents.  Here's a short but sweet matchup from Cuckoo for Coupon Deals.  Good luck!

My Litter: Fraudulent Coupons

Be sure to check out this post by Tiffany at My Litter titled A Word About Fraudulent Coupons.  It's very informative if you've wondered about the validity of printable coupons.  If you're printing your coupons from legitimate websites, you should never have to worry that your coupon is a fraud.  And, if you're just not sure about a coupon or you can't get a verification on it, just don't use it.