Friday, December 16, 2011

McCay's Donation Drop for Fisher House

My preschooler and I stopped into McCay Chiropractic yesterday to make a Wisk donation and I was tickled to see the little patriotic Christmas tree!  It's beginning to look a lot like....well, like a lot of donations!

If you haven't made a donation yet, you've still got time to help make a difference for Fisher House!  The donation drive ends next Tuesday, which is fitting because it's my soldiers birthday!

Thank you McCay, for sponsoring this donation drive!  And thankyou to everyone who donates!

McCay is located on S Main across from the Carhartt store!  Previous posts here and here for additional information and a list of "wants" and "needs" for Fisher House!  And, in case you missed it before, these donations will help military families at Fort Campbell, our neighbor only 45 minutes away from Hopkins County.

Pace, Edge, Pledge, Nabisco Printables

Just when I thought there weren't any new printables, I spotted a few goodies on this morning!

Save 50-cents on TWO Pace products

Can't remember seeing salsa on sale, but if this coupon doubles at the grocery, you'll save 50-cents on each bottle!

Save 55-cents on any Edge Shave Gel (7 oz or larger)

Does Dollar General carry Edge?  This may be a great coupon to use on Saturday!

Buy any Pledge or Armstrong Floor cleaner, get any Fantastik cleaner FREE

The pic says "available at Walmart" but the coupon did not print with a Walmart logo!

Buy TWO Nabisco Crackers, Get ONE Nabisco Crackers FREE

This one prints with the Walmart logo but says "redeemable at".  It doesn't say "only at" and it is a manufacturer's coupon.  If you're using it at Walmart, be sure you're price matching this week!

12/18 No Coupon Inserts

There is no coupon insert scheduled for this Sunday's newspaper (12/18).  Sleep in a little this Sunday, but, be ready for the next P&G on Christmas Day!

Culinary Crafts: Get Shorty...what?

I learned something new this morning!  If you want to learn it, too, be sure to read Culinary Crafts: Get Shorty on iSurf news!  And as always, the recipes do not disappoint....they might make you hungry, but they won't disappoint!  That shortbread cookie recipe couldn't come at a better time, I bet it'll make great cookies for Santa!

When I first saw the title "Get Shorty" I thought Leigh was writing about the movie with John Travolta which lead to a sequel called Be Cool.  Here's a fun fact, Danny Devito (a short favorite, read her article) was also in Get Shorty!  Turns out the movie is totally unrelated, but I had fun IMDB-ing it anyway!

It's a good week to bake because cookie ingredients are on sale at Market Place this week!  They have flour priced less than the store brand at another favorite retailer!

Southside Christmas Program Today

My preschooler and I had the pleasure of hearing the Fifth grade students at Southside practicing for their big Holiday Program yesterday and I wanted to let them know they sounded GREAT!  So..... 
Hey all you Fifth graders, you did a GREAT job in practice yesterday!  "Break a leg" in your performance today!

Mt. Olive Pickles: Sign Up for Freebies

Head over to the Mt. Olive website and signup for freebies!  I know someone who got a $1 off coupon that doesn't expire until 2013!  Thanks, Leigh!