Thursday, January 5, 2012

Printables: Campbell's, Crush, Playdoh

A few favorites from this morning!  Found all of these under 77477.

Save 40-cents on any THREE Campbell's Condensed Soups.  Print this one before it's GONE!!!
This coupon is great for the sale at Sureway this week!  Chicken Noodle and Tomato are on sale 2/$1 through next Tuesday.  Plus, the coupon will double to save you 80-cents on three, so you'll pay about 24-cents a can for your soup!  That's a stock up price!

Buy ONE, Get ONE Free 20oz Crush, any flavor.

I'm usually a Sunkist drinker, but I like the orange Crush, too.  Save 50% on each bottle with this coupon!

Buy TWO Play-Doh 4-packs, Get ONE 4-pack FREE.
It's kind of hard to think about purchasing more toys since we just celebrated Christmas.  But, after seeing this coupon I may just have to do a Play-Doh inspired Easter basket!

If your little one received an Easy Bake Oven or Baby Alive Doll, there are a couple handy coupons available to save you on the refills! 

Malt-o-Meal Cereal Printable

Cuckoo for Coupon Deals is reporting that Walmart has Malt-o-Meal cereal priced 2/$2.  If you're lucky enough to get this printable from Malt-o-Meal you can get cereal for about 67-cents a bag!  I did see a cardboard display of this cereal at Walmart recently, but I didn't price check it!

Cereal is a great donation item for the Back Pack Program at your local school!  Just keep an eye on the expiration date!

After your coupon prints you are redirected to Facebook.  Click the "Back" arrow in your browser, then click the "Refresh" button, then click "Retry" when the box pops up and your coupon should print for a second time!

Market Place: Paper Ad has No Kraft Sale

I was surprised by two things yesterday.  First, I found the free Wednesday paper in my drive way.  Second, the paper ad from Market Place does not have the Kraft $5 sale.  Haven't been to the store yet to see if the sale is on going or not.  Gotta think it's over, though, since it's not in the printed ad.  Unfortunately, you can not price match the online ad at Walmart.

Kroger: eBox Tops for Your School

Just got an email letting me know what items I can purchase this month to earn eBox Tops for my kids school!  Pair this offer with a great coupon and sale and it's a Win-Win!  Here a few quick links, too.

Enter the Building with Box Tops game.

Review Southside's Box Tops earnings.

See who won the Fall Sweepstakes.

Win & Give Sweepstakes, plus more offers!

Look for Always Liners with $3 in Coupons!

While Krogering yesterday I found specially marked boxes of Always liners with $3 in coupons inside!  There's a 50-cent off coupon from the 1/1 P&G that will double to save you $1 a box, after coupon price is about $2.50.

-Save $1.00 Off ONE Secret Clinical Strenth
-Save $1.00 Off ONE Bounty Towels 6ct or larger -or- TWO towel or Napkins ANY SIZE
-Save $1.00 Off TWO Charmin

I really like that Bounty coupon.  And the expiration date is 12/31/12!

Dollar General Sweepstakes & Store Q Update

Take a moment to enter the Dollar General Fresh Start Sweepstakes today!  I was not an instant winner, no surprice, I never win at these things!  Hope you have better luck!  Let me know if you win!

I did head to the Dollar General with my All coupons yesterday and I was a little surprised when the register wouldn't accept two store coupons in one transaction.  I checked the wording on the Huggies Store Coupon and don't see anything amiss.  Luckily, the cashier backed out the transaction and rang the items individually which worked like a charm!  Two bottles of All for $1.12 each is a great price!

Stocking Up v. Hoarding

I think I had an epiphany this morning.  I realized there is a clear and defined difference between Stocking Up and Hoarding!  If you "stock up" on items that you and your family use, you are simply stocking up.  If you are purchasing items that you and your family will (most likely) never use, you are hoarding.  Now, if you won't allow anyone to touch the stock up items, you've crossed the line into hoarding! 

I guess I can consider myself a recovered hoarder.  In the beginning, I would purchase anything that was free/cheap.  A year later, I only purchase things my family can use or things I can donate or give away.  I started purging items a couple months ago and have managed to give away a great deal of things that I had hoarded.  There are still areas where I can do a little trimming, but for the most part, my stock consists of things we'll use.  Giving things away has been a very rewarding exercise for me, I highly recommend it!

Items to Purchase in January

Cuckoo for Coupon Deals recently posted a list of the best items to purchase in January.  I didn't think it was the greatest list, but it was worth reading through.  I would ad canned goods (especially soups) to the list. 

I tend to think sales are weather-based. 
{{Cold Weather = Cold & Flu Season = Sales on Cold Medicines and Soup}}
So, keep an eye out for things you'd be likely to purchase when it's cold outside.  Plus, Spring is right around the corner so I'm seeing more and more displays for cleaning products!  As for soda, I think the best sales for soda usually take place near Fourth of July for our area.  I did get Sunkist 12-packs for $3 each at Kmart yesterday!

Free Menu Planner

I am horrible when it comes to planning a menu.  It's something I'd really like to do, it just never gets done.  I am encouraged by this cute (and free) Menu Planner from Homeschool Creations!  Maybe I'll find some time this weekend to give this a try!

DIY Dish Washer Soap Packets

I haven't tried this, but I am intrigued by the idea of making your own Dish Washer Soap Packets!  Lady with the Red Rocker shows you how!  If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out!  I especially like the idea of saving money by making these myself!