Friday, July 22, 2011

Printable: Glad

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Just in time for back to school!  This should make for some inexpensive baggies!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (7/22/2011)

Cheap TP at Staples

It's a weird day when the cheapest place to buy toilet paper is at the office supply store!  But, for about the past month, this has been the case with Charmin toilet tissue and Staples.  The 16-roll package of Charmin Basic (the orange package) has been $4.99 since June 29th and will remain that price through July 30th.  Considering the 12 pack price is about $5.37 for other brands, paying $4.99 is a great price for 16 rolls even without additional savings.  But, if you were fortunate enough to receive the 20% off coupon from Staples, you can get those 16 rolls for 25-cents a piece!  I wasn't lucky enough to get this coupon in my email, but I hope some of you were!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (7/22/2011)

HCC on the Front Page, Web Page, that is!

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All I can say is...OMG!  I knew a great article by the lovely and delightful Leigh Douglas was coming to iSurf Hopkins County, but it's just indescribable to see it officially posted!  I am on cloud nine, happy as a clam, and so proud of all the great things couponers are going to do for our community!  And, yep, that's me and my coupon caddy (and my Arby's dinner!) in the photos along with the article!  I love to take photos but when it comes to being on the other side of the lens, I am a little camera shy!  Did you notice all the exclamation marks in this first paragraph?!

If you've found the blog through the iSurf article, let me take a moment to say:  Welcome to The Hopkins County Couponer!  I hope to see lots of new faces at the next Couponers Meet & Greet next Monday night!  An extra special thankyou to Tammy who also helped put together the Couponers Meet & Greet.  Honestly, without her support and guidance, I don't know if that first meeting would have happened!  Amy, thank you for inspiring me to start couponing in the first place!  I owe my crazy stockpile all to you!  And to Leigh, gosh, thank you just isn't big enough to express my gratitude!

Just like the article says, I started this blog because there were no blogs devoted to shopping at the grocery stores we have here in Hopkins County.  The Food Giant family of grocery stores can be found in eight states and I never once found a coupon blog with the weekly sales ad and coupon matchups.  So, I decided to create this blog and post the Coupon Matchups myself.  You can find it on the blog every Wednesday!  (I didn't mention Kroger, because Kroger is covered on nearly all of the big coupon websites/blogs.)

And don't forget, "Couponers CAN make a difference, one donation at a time."  It's a great thing when you can use coupons to save money for your family.  But, it's a wonderful thing when you can use coupons to save money and help others, too.  Please take a moment to read the Initiative page (found here).  The best part is, you don't have to break your budget to do good things for others, and you don't always have to shop with coupons.  Just think, if you start buying a can of soup or vegetables each week (buy what's on sale) in a year, you'd have 52 canned goods to donate and your budget would barely notice the difference.  My focus on savings right now is for school supplies and snacks (I am a stay at home mom, afterall!).  You can purchase an incredible amount of school supplies for a buck at Market Place through next Tuesday.  And there is a great sale on Cheese Nips at Food Giant and Sureway (with the right coupon, you can get a 12oz box for 75-cents).  Walgreens and Staples also have great prices on back to school items. 

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog.  See you at the Couponers Meet & Greet on Monday night at Arby's!  Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for the daily email!  Got a great money saving tip or idea, email it to:

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (7/22/2011)

Printable: Schick Hydro Shave Gel

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Zip: 43259 and many others!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer

"Like" Country Crock?

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Head over to the Country Crock Facebook page.  "Like" them and get a 40-cent coupon!  Plus, the coupon will double at the grocery stores!  Who wouldn't "Like" that?  A special thanks to reader Leigh for passing along this great find!  Be sure to print it twice!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (7/22/2011)

7/24 SmartSource Preview

Smartsource 7/24 coupon insert  ***Expect Regional Differences***2000 Flushes Save $1/1 automatic toilet bowl cleaner (10/31)
Arm & Hammer Save $1/2 laundry products (9/15)
Clearasil Save $1/1 (9/4)
Colgate Save $.40/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding Plus and Extra Clean (8/13)Colgate Save $.50/1 toothpaste 4oz+ (8/13)
Colgate Save $.50/1 Wisp 4ct+ (8/13)
Colgate Save $.75/1 Total, Max Clean, Max White, Max Fresh, Sensitive or ProClinical 4oz+ (8/13)Dole Save $.50/2 cans tropical fruit (10/31)
Edge Save $.55/1 shave gel 7oz+ (9/3)
Fabuloso Save $.50/1 44oz+ multi-use cleaner (9/17)
Finlandia Save $1/1 cheese 6oz+ (11/30)
Irish Spring Save $.50/1 body wash excl 2.5oz or two multi-bar packs 3-pack+ (8/13)
Irish Spring Save $1/1 deodorant (8/13)
Kotex Save $1/1 U liners (9/3) ETS
Kotex Save $1/1 U pads (9/3) ETS
Kotex Save $1/1 U tampons (9/3) ETS
K-Y Save $2/1 product (10/31) ETS
Marzetti Save $2/1 Simply Dressed salad dressing (10/31)
New York Save $1/1 frozen product (10/31)
OxiClean Save $1/1 versatile stain remover, in-wash booster or pre-treater (9/30)
OxiClean Save $3/2 versatile stain remover, in-wash booster or pre-treater solutions (9/30)Palmolive Save $.25/1 Ultra dish liquid (8/13)
Planters Save $.75/1 Nut-rition bars 5ct or Big Nut bars 5ct (10/31) dnd
Purina Save $1 off twenty 5.5oz cans or two 12ct or one 24ct+ variety pack of Friskies cat food (10/30)Schick Save $1/1 Quattro for women disposable razor pack (9/10)
Schick Save $2/1 Intuition or Quattro for women razor or refill (9/4)
Schick Save $2/1 Quattro titanium razor or trimmer (9/4)
Schick Save $2/1 Quattro titanium refill (9/4)
Skintimate Save $.55/1 shave gel excl 2.75oz (9/10)
Skintimate Save $1/1 moisturizing cream shave (9/10)
Softsoap Save $.35/1 8oz+ liquid hand soap (8/13)
Softsoap Save $.75/1 body wash 12oz+ (8/13)
Speed Stick Save $.50/1 A/D or Lady A/D ets (8/13)
Ziploc Save $1.50/2 containers (9/3)
Ziploc Save $1/2 bags (9/3)

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (7/24/2011)

Printables: Mitchum, Revlon, Sally, Dole

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Zip: 62946

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Zip: 62946

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Zip: None

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Zip: 90210
Redeemable ONLY at Ralph's

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (7/22/2011)