Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coupon Snob Recommends Comfort Baby Products

I tend to overlook baby deals since my kiddos were just finishing up the "pull-ups" phase last year as I began couponing.  It kind of feels like I've lost my baby shopping abilities now that I no longer have to stroll the diaper and formula ilses!  And oh how I wish I had been couponing for the past six years!  The money I could have saved on diapers alone!  Any hoo, if you have bambinos, you may want to check out a recent post from The Coupon Snob where she reviews the Comforts baby products from Kroger.  I never used them, but I like how she recommends them based on performance and price!  (I did try store-brand pullups a few times and never thought they were as good as the real thing).  And, I like even more that Kroger offers eCoupons for the Comforts Brand!

Are You Prepared for Mother Nature?

No one can better prepare for an emergency than a couponer can!  Right?  And all Hopkins Countians recall the ice storm of the century.   So, I am happy to recommend a blog post titled "Averting Disaster" by the uber-cute couple behind the blog Young House Love.  I hope their post will help and inspire you to get your Emergecy Plan started!