Thursday, October 13, 2011

Culinary Crafts: My Friend Joe

I am amazed week after week by Leigh's Culinary Crafts article and how it provokes some kind of memory in me!  Each week it's another memory memento reminding me of things I haven't thought about in years! 

It's kind of funny that today's post "My Friend Joe" evoked such a sincere reaction from me!  I have always harbored a deep, dark secret .....{wait for it} envy.  Yep, you are now privy to one of my darkest secrets.  I long to be one of those people who orders a coffee in that awesome coffee lingo... half-caf, grande, mocha, with a dash of foam, and then walk away with one of those cool cups with the little wrapper to protect your hands from the heat!  I want to revel in the wonder that is a Star Bucks and pay $5 for a cup of joe, too!  I mean, have you noticed how many varieties of coffee are available at the grocery store?  It's no coincidence that coffee has it's own isle.  It needs it's own isle because there's so much of it!  There are cool little machines where you can fill your own bags with coffee beans and then grind them up, right there in the store!  How cool is that?  They actually let you play with your food before you buy it!

But, I don't like coffee.  Can't stand coffee.  One of my favorite malls has a coffee shop and I hate to walk by it.  It is with deep regret that I admit coffee and I will ever have the kind of relationship Leigh has forged with her coffee.  It is just not meant to be.  I am intrigued by that hamburger recipe, though.  I might have to find some snazy coffee and give that one a whirl!

Be sure to stop by Leigh's Culinary Crafts blog and tell everyone about your favorite coffee!  Oh, and I forgot to mention the love affair between dessert and coffee that I will never be a part of!  You can check out her article on iSurf, too!

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Kroger: Deal of the Day

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