Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today's RedPlum Deal: Axe

Today's RedPlum Dash for Deals is

$1.00 off any AXE Hold + Touch styling aid! 

Get it before it's gone!

9/18 SmartSource Preview

I see a few great coupons coming in this Sunday's paper!  This is a good weekend to grab a few extra copies!  But only if those 50-cent coupons are double-able!

Smartsource 9/18 coupon insert
Arm & Hammer Save $1/2 laundry products (11/1)
Barilla Save $.55/1 whole grain pasta (11/13)
Clairol Save $2/1 hair color (10/31)
Clairol Save $3/1 Nice ‘n Easy color blend foam hair color (10/30)
Cream of Wheat Save $1/2 12oz+ (11/30)
Excedrin Save $1.50/1 80ct+ (12/18)
Finish Save $1/1 Quantum, Powerball or GelPac (10/23)Finlandia Save $1/1 6oz+ cheese dnd (12/31)
Fruitables Save $1/1 8pk juice boxes (12/31)
Infusium 23 Save $1/1 shampoo, conditioner or leave-in treatment (10/31)
Jolly Time Save $.50/1 microwave popcorn (11/15)Kaboom Save $.50/1 foam-tastic bathroom or toilet cleaner (11/30)
Kaboom Save $.50/1 shower, tub & tile cleaner or mold & mildew stainbuster (11/30)
Lumene Save $4/1 product excludes trial size and 10ct wipes (11/30)
Marzetti Save $1/1 caramel dip 12oz+ (12/31)Method Save $.50/1 product (11/30)
New York Save $.50/1 frozen product (12/31)
Old El Paso Save $.50/1 product excluding refrigerated, frozen or soup products (11/12)
OxiClean Save $.75/1 pre-treater (11/30)
OxiClean Save $1/1 liquid or MaxForce power paks (11/30)
OxiClean Save $1/1 versatile stain remover 3lb+ (11/30)
Paseo Save $1/1 12-roll bath or 8-roll paper towel (12/31)
Planters Save $.75/1 NUTrition bars 5ct box or Big Nut bars 5ct box dnd (11/30)
Prevacid Save $4/1 24hr product (11/18)
Purina Save $1.50/2 Busy chew treats (12/18)
Purina Save $1/1 Busy Rollhide chew treat or Busy Chewnola chew treat (12/18)
Purina Save $1/2 Busy chew treats (12/18)
Schick Save $1/1 Slim Twin or Slim Triple disposable razor pack excludes 2ct (10/30)
Schick Save $3/2 Slim Twin or Slim Triple disposable razor packs excludes 2ct (10/30)
St. Ives Save $.75/1 lotion (10/31)
Tabasco Save $.75/1 any size, any flavor dnd (10/31)
Tom’s of Maine Save $1/1 bar soap ets (11/2)
Tom’s of Maine Save $1/1 deodorant ets (11/2)
Tom’s of Maine Save $1/1 toothpaste or mouthwash ets (11/2)
Trident Save $1/3 single packs (11/13)
Wonderful Pistachios Save $1/1 6oz+ (11/25)
Zyrtec Save $4/1 24ct+ (10/30)

Velveeta Queso-Blanco Printable

Raise your hand if you like to order cheese dip at your favorite Mexican restaurant?  If you do, you're probably going to want to snap (uh-oh, another typo!) snag this printable for New! Queso-Blanco by Velveeta.  Queso-Blanco simply means "white cheese" in Spanish (thankyou, Mrs.Cameron!).  I am not a fan of cheese dip, but my hubby is so maybe I'll grab this the next time I'm out and surprise him on taco night!  Plus, the recipes featured on that website are mouth-watering!

What's not to "Like" about a 50-cent off coupon?

Head over to the Chinet Facebook Page for a 50-cent off coupon!

"Save $0.50 on any ONE chinet Item"

This coupon should double, so be sure to price check the Chinet products while your (ewe, a typo!) you're at the grocery store!

I Really "Like" All Laundry Detergent

Before I began couponing, All was my laundry detergent of choice.  It's All I ever bought.  Unfortunately it isn't on sale as often as some of the other brands so I haven't purchased much of it lately.  I'm hoping to see a good sale soon since this coupon is available!  Nothing happened after I clicked "like" so I clicked the "get coupon" on the left hand side and the screen refreshed and there was the "get coupon" button. 

Coca-Cola Ahh Giver

Be sure to head over the the Coca-Cola Ahh Giver Facebook page.  It says, "Send a friend a personalized pick-me-up, courtesy of Coke."  Choose the Polar-Pick-Me-Up, the Dr. John Pemberton's Woe Remedies, or the Birthday Wisher (coming soon).  You pick a friend from your Facebook list and then type a message...and then I'm not sure what happens!  It was having "technical difficulties" and kept telling me to try again.  Hope you have better luck!

Printable: Snapple

Click to Print! Snapple at CircleK BOGO (9/15:63115)

If you're traveling to Evansville or Nashville you'll want to print this coupon!  And print it fast because the other two CircleK coupons have already disappeared!  Congrats if you were lucky enough to snag the NOS and Coca-Cola coupons yesterday!

Printables: Kahiki

Click to Print! Kahiki 13oz or Smaller $1.00 (9/15:63115)

Click to Print! Kahiki 24oz or Larger $1.50 (9/15:63115)

Click to Print! Kahiki 24oz or Larger $1.50 (9/15:77477) Available at, but not Redeem at....

Printables: Clorox2, Endust

Click to Print! Clorox 2 $1.50 (9/15:77477)

Click to Print! Endust at Dollar General $1.00 (9/14:77477)
Redeem at Dollar General

Printables: Truvia, Filippo Berio, Philadelphia

Click to Print! Truvia $0.75 (9/14:77477)

Click to Print! Filippo Berio $1.00 (9/14:77477)
Back again!

Click to Print! Philadelphia Cream Cheese Tubs $1.00 (9/14:77477)

Printables: Barney, Thomas

Click to Print! Barney Big World Adventure $2.00 (9/14:77477)

Click to Print! Thomas Day of the Diesels $2.00 (9/14:77477)

Printable: Kiss Flat Iron

Click to Print! Kiss Flat Iron $5.00 (9/14:77477)

Printable: Nature's Recipe Dog Food

Click to Print! Nature’s Recipe Dog Food $3.00 (9/14:77477)

Kroger: Goal Line Stand Game

Only 10 days left to play Kroger's Goal Line Stand Game!  Bummer!  I didn't win again this morning.  But, the Free Nesquick Pouch coupon I won is still available for me to load to my Kroger card.  I guess on the last day I'll have to take it or leave it!

Did Your Hostess Coupon Double?

Have you used your Hostess Facebook coupon (origianlly posted on 9/13)?  It's a 50-cent off any Hostess product coupon and I was certain that it would double.  But, heard from Leigh yesterday that it did not double when she used it at Kroger! 

The cashier says it's the coding in the new databar keeping the coupon from doubling.  I am heading out today to give my coupon a try and have my fingers crossed that it's going to double.  Leave a comment if you've tried it and it has or hasn't doubled!  I'm all for the new databar having extra info to keep couponers from misusing coupons, but they could at least put "do not double" in the wording so we'd know where to best use the coupon!

UPDATE:  Thanks to Darcy, if your coupon won't double at the register, try going to the service desk and asking them to please double it!  This one doesn't say "do not double" so I hope they will do this for you!  It worked for Darcy at her Kroger!  Good luck!

Haribo Phantom Coupon Appears Again

This is my favorite Phantom Coupon.  It keeps popping up and then disappearing!  If you've never printed it before, you may be able to print it now.  I wasn't able to print it.  Good luck!

9/14 Hot Coupon Topics

Today's hot topics from the coupon-osphere!

  • Wild For CVS - 49-cent Revlon Lipstick Sunday only at CVS!  Keep in mind this price is after coupon and earned ECB!
  • Cuckoo For Coupon Deals - 94-cent Items at Walmart.  Madisonville Walmart has this display, too.  It was located at the garden side entrance, near the registers.  There were several products.  Be sure to check size restrictions if you have a coupon for these items!  I'm pretty sure all of the products in our bin were 94-cents...not sure about Cuckoo's Walmart.
  • My Music City Mommy - FREE RepHresh Tampons at CVS.  I don't see a date on this one, but I am assuming it's for next week?
  • Krazy Coupon Lady - Buying Small Products.  This is where your coupon could make or break you.  You really should take the time to do the math when you're considering buying the smallest, least expensive package instead of the more expensive, larger package.  Sometimes, paying just a few cents more can get you a lot more product!
  • - Be sure to visit the Hormel website for a variety of printable coupons!