Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inexpensive Laser Printer at OfficeMax!

Here is a great deal on a laser printer if you're in the market for one.  The deal is at Office Max, though(Hopkinsville). 
I checked and they have this printer on sale for $69.99, they do not sell them in the Madisonville store.  I believe Staples will price match the Office Max price if you bring in the ad (find it here). 
Want to know more about the printer, read all about it here (it's not listed on the Office Max website for some reason).  It is a mono-laser which means it only prints in black and white.  It's also wireless, so no cords to connect if you have a wireless router.  Toner cartridges are $63.99, but it says you can print 1500 pages and that's a lot of coupons.
I have a color laser Samsung printer and I love everything about it, except the price of the color toner!  When I started couponing I switched back to my old Canon mono-laser to save money on toner.  For fifty bucks, I kind of wish my Canon would break down just so I could upgrade!  Actually, that printer is cheaper than a replacement toner cartridge for my Canon!  And believe me, I need another printer like I need another hole in my head!  But a girl can dream!

Printable: Pillsbury Baking Kit

Here's a coupon that I think is worth printing!  I have spotted these at Walmart, can't recall the price.  But, if you can find them in the grocery stores, the coupon will DOUBLE!  Put this item on your price check list to see if you can get it cheaper at Walmart or the grocery stores!  If you haven't seen these, they are kits to make cookie pops and whoopie pies.  Too cute!
Available on the ALL You magazine coupon page!

Rayovac Printable via Coupon Geek

The Rayovac Battery coupon is back, at least it was back late last night.  Visit the Coupon Geek website for the direct print link!  I couldn't verify where the link originated so I am not going to post it, but you can get to it via the Coupon Geek website without a problem!

Buying an Avery Binder? Get a Coupon!

I can't confirm this, but I read that Avery Binders are going to be Buy 3 Get 1 FREE at Staples beginning Sunday (8/7).  Here's a PDF coupon for a $1 off ANY Avery Heavy Duty View Binder!  I read the find print on the coupon and it doesn't say "limit one per customer" so I'm going to take a guess and say you could print three copies and get a $1 off each full priced binder!  But, I can't guarantee Staples will accept all of them in one transaction! Good luck!

Do you "Like" Lance Snacks?

If you like Lance Snacks, you need to head over to the Lance Snacks Facebook Page for printable coupons!  Did you know they have a Whole Grain Mini variety?  You can print the Cracker Creations coupon now, but the minis coupon says it will be "available soon".  Not sure what that's supposed to mean!  Hope it's sooner rather than later!