Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Gotta "Like" Fighting Hunger

Be sure to head over and "like" the Kraft Huddle to Fight Hunger (just click here) Facebook page.  The goal is to donate 25 millions meals to those in need.  And all we have to do it "like" their Facebook page!  Easy peasy.  Everyone CAN make a difference, one "like" at a time!  Pass this one on to everyone you know!

Signup for Farmland, get a 55-cent Coupon

Signup for the Farmland email  and receive a 55-cent off coupon in your email inbox! 

I know Walmart carries Farmland products!

Save 55-cents on Sara Lee Bread

I almost always purchase store brand bread because it's usually on sale.  But, since Kmart is doubling coupons this week, I went ahead and printed this 55-cent off a loaf of Sara Lee Iron Kids White Bread.  I'm not sure if Kmart stocks this brand, but it'll be worth checking out!  Have you had much luck double couponing at Kmart this week?  Just click here for coupon!

Get Kleenex On-the-Go Packs for Cheap

I have been wanting a great deal on these Kleenex On-the-Go Tissue Packs and thanks to My Music City Mommy, I now know that you can get them for as low as 20-cents each when you use this coupon (just click here) at Target!  MCM says these are marked down to 33-cents each in the school supply area.  Awesome!

{{HOT}} Domino Sugar only 98-cents!!!!

You are definitely going to want to print this Domino Sugar coupon to use at Market Place this week!  The 4 pound bag is on sale for $1.98.  Use this 50-cent off coupon, which doubles to $1, and pay only 98-cents for a bag of sugar!  This is definitely a stock up price!  You'll be hard pressed to find a store brand this cheap!  Just click here for the RedPlum printable and a big THANKS to Southern Savers for the link!  Just remember that Market Place will only allow you to use three "like" coupons per day.

Rayovac e-Club sign up

A big THANKS to Deal Seeking Mom for positing this e-Club signup for Rayovac!  Click here to sign up!  The best part, you'll get a $1 off coupon by email just for signing up!
And the email arrived almost instantly!
The coupon is for Alkaline batteries.  The red packaged, inexpensive, less than a buck batteries are Zinc Chloride not Alkaline, unless you know something that I don't!

Printables: Philips Norelco Products

Curiosity got the best of me when I saw this $30 off coupon for the Sensotouch 3D electric shaver.  Gasp!  You need a high value coupon if you're willing to purchase one!  Be prepared to pay in the ball park of $163.83 to $199.99 to $349.99!  These are the online prices for Walmart and Target, maybe it's a little cheaper instore.  Either way, I'll take a pass on this one!
Click to Print! Philips Shaver Head (8/24:83607)

Click to Print! Philips Sensotouch (8/24:83607)

Click to Print! Philips Norelco $5 (8/24:83607)

Click to Print! Philips $10 (8/24:83607)

Save $1 on Borden Milk

Click to Print! Borden Milk Kmart (8/25:33133)

Click to Print! Borden Milk Sedanos (8/25:33133)

I don't know if Borden Milk is available anywhere locally.  But, these coupons don't say "redeemable only" so I'm going to guess if you can find it instore, you can use this coupon anywhere.  A buck off a gallon of milk is a great coupon, too.  I'm printing this one now in the hopes that I can find it in a store before the coupon expires.  This is a great coupon to have on your "watch" list as you're shopping, especially if you shop out of town.  If you find it, be sure to let us know!

Save $2 on American Greetings Yakety Yak Cards!

Who would love to receive a talking greetings card?

Click here to save $2 on a Yakety Yak card from American Greetings!

Denied Coupon Use?

What would you do if your store told you that you could no longer use coupons because you were a "habitual coupon user"?  Click here to read about it.  I'm not sure where to begin with this one.  We live in a free country.  I can purchase the entire stack of newspapers if I want to (I'd never do that, but still, I am free to do it).  Coupons are good for everyone.  Consumers save money.  Stores make money.  Manufacturers sell product.  Win-Win-Win.  I'd love to see the store footage, wouldn't you?  If this particular couponer was "habitually difficult" to deal with, they should have banned her from the store.  If the manager was lashing out because coupons create more work for the back office, he should hire more staff.  Store managers need to stop "taking it personally" when couponers get a great deal.  If you can't tolerate/support the savings, you should get out of the grocery business.

Printables: Formula 409, Glad, Clorox, BreathRx

Click to Print! Formula 409 (8/23:98052)

Click to Print! Glad Food Containers (8/23:98052)

Click to Print! Clorox CleanUp (8/23:98052)

Click to Print! Breath Rx (8/23:98052)

Printables: Zatarains, Yogi Granola, Haribo, Smuckers, Kerns

Click to Print! Zatarains (8/23:98052)

Click to Print! Yogi Granola (8/23:98052)

Click to Print! Haribo Gummy Bears (8/23:98052) If you're very lucky, you might still be able to print this one.  If you can get your hands on it, you can get a bag of gummy bears for 40-cents at Kroger when Haribo is 10 for $10!

Click to Print! Smuckers IceCreamTopping (8/23:98052)

Click to Print! Kern’s (8/23:32601)

Join the Savings Club

Want even more printable coupons? 

Join the Savings Club from

FREE for the first 30 days, then $3 per month. 

I just signed up Monday so I am anxious to see if I can save at least $3 a month with the "exclusive" printable coupons. 

If it turns out there aren't enough coupons for products I use, I'll just cancel the subscription!  So far of the 14 "exclusives" there is only one that I might use (Cooking Light magazine) so it's not looking good for my subscription!