Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thank You Kentucky Utilities!

Just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU to the Kentucky Utility crew who restored electricity to my neck of the woods last night.  I'm sure you all had to put your supper and Friday night plans on hold to get the power back on, and I just want you to know that my family and I appreciate all your hard work!



The Crest White strips coupons from the 7/31 Proctor & Gamble insert can not be used to purchase Crest Toothpaste! 

Apparently the register accepts the coupon and gives overage, but this coupon is worded for ONLY the whitestrips products. 

Using these coupons on any product other than the whitestrips would be fraud!  Don't be one of those couponers!  Misuse of coupons affects everyone. 

Cashiers:  Please alert your CSM and fellow cashiers to help prevent the misuse of these coupons!

Printable: Spot Shot

Click to Print! Spot Shot (8/6:98052)

Printables: Garnier, Sally Hershberger

Click to Print! Garnier Shampoo or Conditioner (8/6:07039)

Click to Print! Garnier Style Product (8/6:07039)

Click to Print! Sally Hershberger (8/6:90210)

Printable: Leap Frog DVD

Click to Print! LeapFrog DVD (8/6:07039)

Printable: Land O Lakes Eggs, Alpine Lace Cheese, Creta Sausage

Click to Print! Land O Lakes Eggs (8/6:07039)

Click to Print! Alpine Lace 1lb Cheese (8/6:90210)

Click to Print! Alpine Lace Deli Cheese (8/6:90210)

Click to Print! Creta Farms Smoked Sausage (8/6:90210)

Printable: Listerine or Reach Kids Product

Sign up for Listerine Kids and receive a $1 off any Listerine or Reach Kids product.

Printables: Schick Slim Twin

Two printables for Schick Slim Twin Razors, just click here!

Save $1.00 on any one Schick Slim Twin Razor or ST Disposable 12ct Razor Package
Save $3.00 on two Schick Slim Twin Razor or ST Disposable 12ct Razor Package (that's a $1.50 off each package!)
Use a code from the package to score $5 in FREE MP3 Downloads!

Skinny Cow makes Candy Bars, Who Knew? I Did!

My name is Misty, and I am addicted to Skinny Cow Candy Bars.  Thankfully, I can now find them at Madisonville Walmart for $3.28 a box.  They also carry these at Market Place for $3.75.  And there was a coupon in last Sunday's paper (which I used last night!).  And now there is a printable coupon, too!  Just go here and sign in or register!  Yum!

Kroger Coupons in My Mailbox!

It's always great to receive coupons in your mailbox!  Make sure your Kroger card is registered online and you've entered your mailing address!  I received 14 coupons today!  There were $10.55 in manufacturer's coupons with the Kroger logo, and three store coupons.  I am looking forward to a free bag of chips and a free box of cake mix!