Wednesday, August 17, 2011

8/17 Coupon Matchups: MarketPlace, Sureway, FoodGiant

Sale begins Wednesday, August 17th and ends Tuesday, August 23rd!

Save on Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaner!

Remove yourself from toilet cleaning duty!  That's what the websites says about this new One-Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner!  Read more about it, here.  With this new product you can toss out your old toilet brush!  And never have to get down and dirty with your toilet again!  Plus there are money saving coupons to get you started, just click here!  I'll be price checking this new product!

Recyclebank, anyone?

I had signed up for Recyclebank months ago, and I keep seeing coupons that you can get through the points you've earned.  Well, I had not logged into my account since setting it up, so there was no big surprise when I logged in this morning only to find that I had zero points!  You have to acquire points through various options on the website, mainly centered around recylcing, and then you can redeem those points to get coupons offered.  There is a Refer a Friend option to earn points, too!  So, if you're not already a member, click here to sign up!

Walgreens Topic Yesterday

If you missed it, you can read yesterday's Are you having problems at Walgreens? post here.  I was happy to have a reader comment on this topic!  Reader, TheRealMe, is reporting that Walgreens is limiting couponers to four transactions, period.  Not sure if this is here in Hopkins County or not.  I didn't think of this earlier, but there are three registers at Walgreens.  Why couldn't you do a couple transactions at each register?

I haven't been couponing much at Walgreens lately for two reasons. 
1.) I have a pretty good stockpile of Health & Beauty products
2.) The "hot" items are rarely instock when I try to get them. 

How do you feel about a limit on the number of transactions you can do?  Do you think it creates more, unnecessary work for the cashiers?  Do you think it's rude to tie up the line to do multiple transactions?  What if you were willing to go to the back of the line when other customers were ready to checkout? 

Lots of Interesting Things on Coupon Blogs Today!

As I read through the many, many emails I received today, I found several topics that I wanted to pass along to you!

Zeal for a Deal updated the Kroger Change for a Change list and now you can save even more!

Coupons, Deals, and More had an interesting post titled Extreme Couponing Reality, be sure to read the comments!

My Litter reports that you can get RedPlum inserts delivered to your house.  Scroll toward the bottom to find the address form.  I can't imagine this would be for an entire insert, can you?

My Litter also had a post about Head Lice!  You can print that $2/1 Rid Coupon, here!

Deal Seeking Mom had a link for some really cute Back 2 School printables!

I Heart The Mart says you can price match the 99-cent Expo markers on your next trip to Walmart.  I'm not so sure since the ad shows that the 99-cents if after an instore Walgreens coupon.  But, hey, with that $2/2 printable (do you have any from last week left?) it'd be worth trying!  Your teachers will love you!

Printables: Emmi Yogurt, Honey Boy

Emmi Swiss Yogurt (8/16:77477)

Honey Boy (8/16:77477)

Still Need A White Cloud Coupon?

If White Cloud is your toilet tissue of choice, this coupon may still be available!
Just "click here" on the picture for the link to the print page!  The 6 pack runs about $3.98 at Walmart, get it for 45-cents a roll after coupon!  You can also get the 2 roll package of paper towels for $2.97, only $1.97 after coupon!  That's less than a penny per towel!