Sunday, August 28, 2011

Didn't get out for a paper this morning...

Do you think I'm crazy for not getting out to buy a paper this morning?  I do have my mail subscription (Owensboro Messenger Inquirer) that'll arrive Tuesday or Wednesday, so I'm not going to miss out completely on this weekends coupons.  I've been watching the coupons that I use the most and have realized that most of them are internet printables and I don't have to leave home to get them.  This just happened to be a weekend when I didn't see a lot of insert coupons that I thought we'd use.  That's the great thing about the coupon previews!  Now I just wish I could have slept in!  Have a happy Sunday everyone!

Printable: McCain's Purely Potatoes

Click to Print! McCain’s Purely Potatoes (8/28:06082)
Choose from White Potato Chunks or Sweet Potato Chunks!
These frozen potaotes are awesome!  You steam them in the microwave then blend them up for easy-peasy mashed potatoes!  Great for those of us who hate to peel real potatoes!  I haven't tried the McCain's brand, but I love their Smiley Face Fries so I'm betting the mashed potatoes are good, too!

Save on Scotch Brite Wipes

A couple things caught my attention when I pulled up the Scotch-Brite website.  First, I saw Scotch-Brite wipes at Walmart, in the school supply area near the registers, sorry didn't price check them!  Second, there's a coupon for Scotch-Brite Botanical Disinfecting Wipes (Save $0.50/1).  Third, you're supposed to rinse the surface after using other brand wipes, like Lysol?  What?  I don't typically lay food directly on my counter, but I'd never have thought about chemicals from the wipes remaining on my countertops!  Yuck!  I will definitely be looking to switch the Scotch-Brite when my supply of Lysol wipes runs out!

Printables: All, Surf, Libby's, Rhodes

Be sure to check out the new printables on Red Plum this morning.  The Red Plum coupons don't last very long, so if it's something you want, be sure to print it now!

These were my favorites:
$1/4 Libby's Canned Vegetables
$1/1 Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls
$0.50/1 Surf Detergent
$0.50/1 All Detergent

iSurf: Dollars & Sense 8/27

Dollars & Sense is all about Catalinas this week, thanks Leigh!  Catalinas are those awesome little coupons you get when you checkout at Walgreens, Kroger, and Kmart (I've never received one at Kmart, have you?).  You might also hear or see them referred to as "cats".  Never ever throw those things away without looking at them!  The coupons are usually a higher value than what you get in the weekly paper!

If you've earned a "save on your next order" cat, you can only use it at the store where you received it.  But, if you've gotten a "manufacturer's coupon" you should be able to use it at Walmart.  Walmart's coupon policy specifically says they will accept cats from other stores.  You don't have to pull out your Walmart coupon policy if your cashier says she can't accept it because it has a Kroger store logo on it.  Just point out that it is a "manufacturer's coupon" and that it should scan like any other "manufacturer's coupon". 

The little printers that print the Catalina coupons must be in ink saver mode, because the pictures and words are often very pale.  Luckily, I've never had one denied because it wouldn't scan.  If you have a catalina and you're trying to use it at another grocery store, you may not have a lot of luck.  I'm pretty sure that if it won't scan, the grocery stores in Hopkins County won't accept it.

You can checkout Coupon Network to see what products are offering a "save on your next order" catalina.  Right now there are promotions for: Hellmann's, Nestle Morsels, Silk milk, Ghirardelli Bars, Various Cleaning Supplies, Axe, Yoplait, Pampers, just to name a few!  The promotions aren't available at all stores, but the website will let you know if it's available in your area!  Remember that little show Extreme Couponing?  It didn't emphasis this, but the couponers used a great deal of "save on your next order" cats to take off a big chunk from their totals.  That's right, they didn't save all that money just using coupons!  Oh the controversy!

Thanks Leigh, for another great inspire to save article!