Saturday, December 3, 2011

Congrats PURPLE & ORANGE Pods!

I got extra great news yesterday about Southside's Fall Food Drive!  There are TWO winning pods!  Congrats to the PURPLE and ORANGE pods!  The total amount of items donated was just amazing!  Thank you to everyone who helped make this food drive such a success for Southside's Family Resource Center!

And, I am super excited to see a flyer in my kiddos backpack announcing an upcoming "Holiday-Gram" event!  You can send a "Holiday-Gram" to a student for 50-cents!  How cool is that?  Even more cool, the proceeds go directly to the Family Resource Center to help students and families in need right here at Southside (thanks Ms.Teresa!).  I've started making my list {and checking it twice} to see how many students I need to send a "Holiday-Gram" to next week.  Guess you could even send them to the teachers!  Or the principal!  Or the office and nurse staff!  Or the custodians!  Or those wonderful lunch ladies!  My list just got a little bit longer!

Have a happy weekend everyone!  We have a date with "Arthur Christmas" and an old coffee table I want to become a new desk!  And we still need to put up the Christmas tree, and fix that glitch in the outside lights, and wrap presents, and work on a 12 days of Christmas project for the kids...

Dollar General: $5 off $25 TODAY

See you at Dollar General for a great day to save!

Red Plum must have a Glitch

Today is the day RedPlum announced we would start to see faster, better printable coupons....well, I've been waiting for a coupon to print for at least half an hour now.  I'm guessing that their "big reveal" has not gone according to plan.  Let's just hope they get it fixed quick.  Are the coupons printing for you?  Maybe it's just my computer!  Turns out, I needed to upload a newer version of Java {} and give the RedPlum "permission" and then the coupons printed!  And it was a lot quicker and the coupons do look a lot cleaner!