Monday, May 30, 2011

Got a Donations Stockpile? Watch those expiration dates!

I just happened to pick up a few boxes of Stove Top yesterday and had them sitting on the island waiting to be moved to the "donations stockpile" I've started.  As I walked by them a little while ago, I stopped to check the expiration dates.  And (eeek!) they expire in October of this year.  Those are probably not going to work for the fall food drive at the school.  So.....went to the rest of the stockpile to check some other things for their expiration dates.  And (oh no) found three more boxes of Stove Top that expire (it gets worse) in the first week of June!  Yep, had to pull those out and am preparing a mental list of people to gift them to so they can get used before they expire.  Tina, Amy, I'll be making you a visit tomorrow!

The good news?  I freed up a little space in my "donations stockpile" and even better was the valuable lesson I learned:  Always look for the furthest expiration date!  I'm pretty sure that I got all of those boxes free after coupons, so it's not a total long as someone eats them before they expire!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (5/30/2011)