Friday, August 26, 2011

iSurf Culinary Crafts: My Friend Herb

It doesn't matter if you pronouce it "her-bs" (like Martha) or "erbs" (like me), most of us have a cabinet full of these recipe staples in our kitchen!  I know I am particularly fond of the less than a buck variety you can find at Market Place.  Head over to iSurf and read Culinary Crafts: My Friend Herb where Leigh talks about a favorite teacher and the only F she ever received!

A few things happened when I read Culinary Crafts this morning.  First, I got hungry!  Second, I started thinking: what's my favorite herb or spice?  It's sage, I am a big fan of dressing (or stuffing) anytime of year.  Then I got a little tickled because my daughter has just started kindergarten and the school atmosphere is so much different now than when I was a student!  I guess "sticks" have replaced the good ol' fashioned paddle these days.  Not that I would ever be a supporter of paddling kids, but I would say that paddling was probably a lot more effective than pulling sticks any day!

And then I got a little nostalgic.  The last recipe, Roasted Potatoes, brought back memories for me of high school, too.  Not of a teacher, but of my mother-in-law.  I remember, in the early days of dating my husband, going to his house and seeing the difference between how his mom cooked and the way my family cooked.  Being a picky eater, I was always a little scared.  But, Gail used to make "herbed" potatoes and even though they were jazzed up with herbs and spices, they were still plain enough for me to enjoy.  And I really did like those potatoes!  I may have to tone down some of the spices from Leigh's recipe, but I'll definitely have to plan a night and make that family favorite for my kids.  It'll be a great way to introduce them to Grandma Gail, whom they never got to meet and know, too. 

Thanks Leigh, for the walk down memory lane!  Don't they say that smell is the sense most intensely tied to memory?  I can believe it, can't you?

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Kmart Doubling v. Walmart Doubling

If you've been living under a rock lately, you may not be aware that Walmart is test driving a double coupon policy in several stores (none around here).  But, a post by A Thrifty Mom titled Kmart Double Coupons = Walmart Double Coupons caught my attention this afternoon.  Apparently there are Walmart managers that allow "doubling" when Kmart is have a double coupon event.  If you check out the post, be sure to read through the comments section.  I just can't believe how critical some couponers can get!

I am just about sure that the Walmart policy states they don't accept the Albertsons Doublers because those store coupons are not for specific products and do not have specific value amounts.  Trying to convince Walmart that they should double because Kmart is doubling would fall under the "ad match" policy.  The ad match says it does not honor "ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined".  So, the store policy seems to say that Walmart will not double coupons. 

But, I can certainly see why some Walmarts would break from the corporate policy and double coupons during the week of Kmart doubles.  If you live in an area with a Kmart that carries as many products as Walmart, you would definitely see a loss in business during the doubling events.  Our Walmart probably doesn't feel a pinch since our Kmart doesn't carry a huge variety of products.  Still, I would love to see our local Walmart double coupons during the Kmart doubling events.  It'd be awesome!