Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/24 Coupon Matchup Coming Later Today

Well, I just woke up and realized that today is Wednesday and I forgot all about the coupon matchup last night!  If the online ads are up, I do the coupon matchup on Tuesday night so it's ready for Wednesday morning.  But, it's been one of those weeks, and I didn't think anything about it last night!  And I've got a busy morning ahead of me, so the coupon matchup up will be going up sometime later today.  It might be just before bedtime, but it'll get posted!  I did take a glance through the ads and here are the things that jumped out at me!

Market Place
  • Dawn Dish Liquid $1.00 - I used my 1/1 P&G coupons last week and paid 18-cents, which was still a really good price.  But, if I had waited, I might have gotten free dish soap this week!  If you've got those the 1/1 P&G coupons for 50-cents or 25-cents off Dawn, this is a really, really great week to use them!  If the Olay variety is $1, you'll get FREE dish soap!
  • Mac & Cheese "liquid" Dinners 3/$5 - this is probably lower than the Walmart price, which is often how I decide if it's a "good" sale price.  (You can get these cheaper at Kroger if you want to buy 10 items in the Game Day Greats Mega Event).
  • Hunt's Ketchup 87-cents - a good price without a coupon if you need ketchup!
  • Tony's Pizza 3/$5 - use the $1/2 from Sunday's paper and get these 3/$4. 
  • Best Choice Vegetables 2/$0.78 - This is less than my buy price for canned veggies, I'll be grabbing a couple cans of these for my donation box!
Food Giant & Sureway
  • I can't read the fine print, but there is a $3 coupon-looking thing on the upper right of the front page of the ad that involves Kellogg's and Milk, I'm going to have to get a printed ad to have a better look at this.  I also see that Special K is $3 and there was a $1/3 coupon available in a recent Sunday paper!
  • Ronco Pasta 2/$1 - there are sometimes printable coupons from Ronco available on their website.  If you're lucky enough to score one, you might get free pasta!  If not, 50-cents is a great price to pay for pasta, especially when no coupon is needed.  And pasta usually has a nice, long shelf life.  I don't need pasta this week, but I may grab a couple of these for the donation box!
  • I like the price of those Smart Shopper eggs, $1.78; because it looks like it's for the 18-count.  That's going on the shopping list!
  • Ortega Taco Shells $1.78 - use the 50-cents off 2 Ortega Products (which will double at Sureway) to pick up two boxes of Taco Shells for $2.56; not the greatest price, but it's better to save than not to save!
  • Field's Pro Leaguer Weiners 4/$5 - we are a Fields Hot Dog Family, so I am always happy to see these on sale; I did notice that Bar-S Franks are the same price this week at Market Place; no coupon, but I haven't noticed the price for hot dogs going below $1.25 a package in a while.
  • Oscar Mayer Shaved Lunchmeat $2.99 - IF the "carving board" variety is also on sale, you could use the $1/2 from Sunday's paper.
Ok, that's the short list, come back later for the full matchup....later, as in tomorrow morning (barring all major catastrophes today!)!  I can't believe I forgot about it last night!  Think I need to find a good sale on ginko?  Have a good day!