Sunday, August 7, 2011

8/7 Louisville Courier Inserts

I am a little disappointed to only find two inserts in this mornings Louisville Courier (picked up at Ideal in Dawson).  The preview lists were calling for three or four inserts today.  How many inserts were in your Sunday paper?

White Cloud, Less Than a Penny per Towel

While shopping at Paducah Walmart last night I stumbled upon the White Cloud paper towels!  They were priced at $2.97 a package and each package contains 2 rolls.  But, each roll has 160 sheets. 

If you have the $1 off coupon, you'd be paying less than a penny per sheet!  ($1.97 divided by 320 sheets = $0.006 per sheet)  I'll have to give these a try soon and see how they compare to Scott, Brawny, and Bounty (my top 3 faves).  But for this price, these may quickly become my new favorite!  I was just thinking my paper towel stockpile was getting a little low.

Click the picture to see if this $1 coupon is still available to print!

Printable: Kettle Chips

Click to Print! Kettle Chips (8/7:84717)

Save on Five Star products

Five Star coupon available on RedPlum this morning!
Great deals on Five Star at CVS and Target this week!  Plus, there are two coupons in today's RedPlum!  And, you can price match the Target ad at Walmart if you're out of town!

Kroger Deal of the Day: Tostitos

Don't forget to load up your Kroger Shopping Card!  Get a new Cart Buster eCoupon everyday through August 16th!

Printable: Cottonelle Wipes

I just happened to grab a box of Cottonelle wipes last night while shopping at Paducah Walmart.  They were priced $2.22 and $2.48 each.  Got home and spotted this coupon for $1 off!  The coupon that printed for me is for 50-cents off.  Hmmm, wonder why that happened?  Better luck to you, hope you get the $1 coupon that the website is advertising!

Just click here to print a copy!

Pure Protein, Signup and Receive a Coupon

Sign up for the Pure Protein Newsletter and receive a $1 off coupon good on any Pure product by email.  Pure Protein Bars were priced $1.29 at Kroger (as of Friday night).  Get a protein bar for 29-cents!  Don't like them, donate them!  You can also save $2 on Protein Gelatin Snacks, here.

Printable: Sprout Baby Food

I'm just about positive I spotted this Sprout Baby Food at Walmart the other day.  Let me know if you can't find it.  Because here's a coupon for Buy 3 Get 1 FREE on All Stages of Sprout Baby Food!  Above is a screen print and I circled the "coupons" link found in the upper right hand corner!  Sorry, you can't actually click the picture, but you can click here.

FREE 8x10 at Walgreens Sunday ONLY

Sunday ONLY,
get a FREE 8x10
Single Image Enlargement
at Walgreens! 

Use code: FREE at checkout! 

Read more about it here!

Printable: Weiman

I have been needing a bottle of cooktop cleaner for a while so I am thrilled to come across this Weiman coupon for $0.65 off any Weiman Product, just click here.  Don't need or use cooktop cleaner?  They have a variety of products available!  You can buy the cooktop cleaner at Kroger and Walmart.  I found it at Dollar General (in Paducah) for $4.00!

Printables: Cheese, Milk, LaCroix

Click to Print! Cheese 2lbs (8/6:84717)
This coupon says "at participating retailers".  I don't see a problem using this is as long as you're buying a bag that is at least 2 lbs, Made in the USA, and is not cheese slices or sticks.  Good luck!

Click to Print! Milk (8/6:84717) This coupon is only valid in Idaho and Utah.  Find a coupon friend in those states and see if you can do a coupon swap for something that you can use here!  Or send them to family and friends in those states!

Click to Print! La Croix (8/6:84717) Available at Walmart!

Printable: Tobasco

Click here to receive a $0.50 off coupon for Tobasco Pepper Sauce!

Printable: Mitchum

Click to Print! Mitchum (8/6:45050)

Printables: JTM Philly Kit, Roman Meal Bread, Caribou Coffee

Click to Print! JTM Philly Kit (8/6:45050)

Click to Print! Roman Meal Bread (8/6: 63366)
This was priced at $1.58 a loaf in Kroger Friday night!

Click to Print! Caribou Coffee (8/6:45050) If you printed this coupon recently, it's probably not going to be available again.  I'd printed it in July and it's still showing Print Limit Reached for me.