Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gather Together Coupon Booklet

Don't forget to request your Gather Together coupon booklet with $35 in coupons!  I'm really hoping to see some new coupons in this booklet. 

Red Flag for MoJo Savings

If you've checked out Coupon Network this morning, you probably noticed the 70-cent off one Soft Soap hand soap coupon.  I am just now reading through my email from yesterday and saw a red flag on a post made by MoJo Savings announcing that you can get Soft Soap at Walmart for $0.27 using this coupon.  Beep!  Wrong answer!

I did see a card board display near the checkouts on the "garden" side of the store yesterday with several products priced for, I thought, 94-cents (maybe it was 97-cents).  The Soft Soap actually caught my eye because there are coupons off and on.  But, if you've ever picked up a bottle of Soft Soap, those small/fat bottles are only 7.5 oz.  The printable coupon states 8 oz or larger.  Do I think the register would accept the printable coupon for the small bottle?  Yes, I think the register would take it without a beep.  Will I be purchasing the small bottle?  No. 

I got curious, so I printed the coupon.  It prints w/ an old fashioned barcode and the DataBar so there will only by your conscience holding you back....or your diligent cashier.

Please note, I did not look at the size of that bottle in the display at Walmart!  But, I do have a bottle in my stock pile that is only 7.5 oz.  If you go to Walmart and see that these 97-cent bottles are 8 oz or larger, please let me know!

Now, here's what I recommend.  The face value on the Coupon Network printable is 70-cents so it's not going to double at the grocery store.  But, if Kmart has a doubling event, it will probably double.  Or, if Fred's Super Dollar (Princeton, Central City, Hopkinsville) carries the 8 oz bottles, this coupon will double on SATURDAYS only!

Did you get the $1 off Gain Softener Coupon?

Were you lucky enough to get the $1 off any Gain fabric softener coupon in the 8/14 Red Plum?  You're going to want to take a look at this price comparison to help you get the best deal!  As always, it's still "cheaper" to buy the smallest package.  But, you get more for your money when you purchase the 80 ct box!  You would pay $1.74 for two boxes of 40 ct sheets and need to use two of your $1 coupons, you would only pay 38-cents more for the 80 ct box and would only have to use ONE of your $1 coupons!

Prices at Walmart
Gain Dryer Sheets 40 ct = $1.87 - $1 q = $0.87 or $0.02/sheet
Gain Dryer Sheets 80 ct = $3.12 - $1 q = $2.12 or $0.026/sheet
Gain Dryer Sheets 120 ct = $4.74 - $1 q = 3.74 or $0.03/sheet
Gain Dryer Sheets 160 ct = $5.89 - $1 q = $4.89 or 0.03/sheet

You can find similar savings this week at Dollar General.
Prices at Dollar General
Gain Dryer Sheets 40 ct = $2.00 - $1 q = $1.00 or $0.025/sheet
Gain Dryer Sheets 80 ct = $3.25 - $1 q = $2.25 or $0.028/sheet
Gain Dryer Sheets 120 ct = $4.75 - $1 q = 3.75 or $0.03/sheet

{{HOT}} Dial Hand Soap Printable

Click to Print! Dial ($0.35:9/3:77477)

If you only print one coupon this weekend, make sure it is this coupon for 35-cents off Dial Hand Soap!  Use this coupon before 9/10 to get hand soap for 18-cents at Kroger! 
That's a stock up price!

New Printables from

Sambazon ($1.00:9/3:77477)

Boxed / Canned
Thomas Bagel Thins ($0.55:9/3:30003)

Health & Beauty
Depends ($2.00:9/3:77477)
Depends Mens ($2.00:9/3:77477)
Depends Colors ($2.00:9/3:77477)
IMAN Cosmetics ($1.00:9/3:77477)
Triaminic ($3.00:9/3:77477)

Dial ($0.35:9/3:77477)
Scotties ($1.00:9/3:77477)

Infant Care
Daily Renewals ($1.00:9/3:77477)

Home Made Pretzels with Fleichmann's Yeast + Coupon

Click to Print! Fleischmann’s Yeast Strip ($0.40:9/1:77477)

If you saw this coupon and scratched your head, like I did, you were wondering what exactly a yeast strip is for.  Well, I'm still not sure, but My Litter has posted a link to her pretzel recipe.  I am not sure that this is the kind of yeast she calls for in the recipe, though.  But, I am not a bread baker, so what do I know?!

I really "like" Pilot Travel Center gas prices

If you never travel the Pennyrile Parkway between Nortonville and Madisonville, you may not be aware that there is a Pilot Travel Center at the Mortons Gap exit.  You may not be aware that the gas prices have been steadily around ten-cents cheaper there, too!  And now to make it an even better place to visit, when you "like" Pilot Travel Centers on Facebook (just click here) you can print a coupon for a FREE hot beverage:  good for one 16 oz. coffee, cappaccino, hot chocolate, or hot tea!  I've never used a coupon at the Mortons Pilot, but I don't see a problem using this FB coupon!  Enjoy!  This is interesting, too, you can view Pilot gas prices across the coutry!

Extreme Couponing....It's Baaaack!

If you're like many couponers, you are not a fan of TLC's reality series Extreme Couponing.  And that means you're going to want to avoid the TLC network on Wednesday nights beginning September 28th.  That's right, Extreme Couponing is baaaaack!  There is a sneak peak on the 12th, and the series premiere on the 28th.  Mark you calendars, set your dvr.  I, for one, can't wait to see what craziness happens in this season of the show.  If you're curious, you can watch a short clip from one of the episodes, just click here.  I can't wait to see what the coupon world has to say about this lady!