Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Reminders: Dollar General, Kmart, Market Place, Kroger

Good morning everybody!  Sorry the blog has been quite the past couple days!  Every once in a while, life gets busy!  I am back today with exciting news!  Well, I think it's exciting news!  The Hopkins County Couponer has a new web address!  Yep, it's official, this is officially a website now!  Who-hoo!  Our new URL is:   Yeah!  What's the differenece?  You won't need to type .blogspot anymore!  I know it's only nine keystrokes shorter, but hey, that's nine whole key strokes!  And, the blog got a mini-makeover this week, too!  Be sure to head over and checkout the new color scheme and let me know what you think!  I kept the orange (I tried pink) I just couldn't do away with the orange!  I read that tangerine is very "in" this year!  I changed the lovely teal to a fun blue, and added in a little gray.  Did you know that gray is my favorite color?

Don't forget that tomorrow is the day to save $5 on your $25 purchase at Dollar General.  If you don't make it into the store today to get the coupon on the bottom of your receipt, you can print it (up to two copies per computer) from the Dollar General website.  When I shop this sale at Dollar General I always keep a scratch piece of paper with me to keep a basket total.  I try to get as close to $25 (before coupons) without going too far over.  It's also a really good shopping technique!  Having that dollar goal really helps me decide if I need that item or not!  Dollar General has great pricing, lots of things are even dollar amounts which makes totalling up super easy! 

Tomorrow is also the day to enjoy Kmart Doubles!  I love Kmart Doubles!

And don't forget that Market Place is having a "Gimme $5" event through next Tuesday!  There are lots of participating items this time around and many of them have available coupons!  I didn't see any Carving Board meat, so that was disappointing.  Plus, for whatever reason, my $5 didn't automatically deduct on Wednesday, so be sure you're keeping an eye on the register.  I didn't notice until I got home, I was very disappointed with myself!  Now I have to go back to the store to get it fixed!

And Kroger is having the Get a Quarterback Mega Event through tomorrow!  (I think it may be going on next week, too, but we'll have to wait for the Sunday ad to be sure!)  Visit I Heart Kroger for the full list of participating items.  Sometimes there are items on her list that are not marked at our local Kroger store.  Sales vary by region and I'm guessing I Heart Kroger is in a different region than ours.  One big difference I found is the price of the Old El Paso items.  She has them listed as $1.25, but I found them on the shelf for $1.50 (or 2/$5).  If I had been lucky enough to have that 50-cent coupon, I'd have happily purchased these, but since I was sans-coupon, I skipped that deal.  But, I did get cookies, brownies, rice, peanut butter, and soda!  Another price difference I found was for the Starkist Tuna pouches.  They were $1.50 at our Kroger instead of $1.25.  But, luckily I did have the 50-cent coupon and grabbed a couple for my donation bin.  Oh, befor I forget, Coupon Snob had a good post about Krogering that I wanted to pass along.  Her Kroger shopping reminds me a lot of my Kroger shopping; I only shop there for the really good deals because all of the other grocery stores are closer to my house. 

I'm still patiently waiting for Sunday Coupon Preview to release the upcoming coupons for Sunday (2/12).  If you want to know right away, you can check out the preview list on Southern Savers.  I find that the Southern Savers list slightly differs from the Sunday Coupon Preview list and then sometimes I find a coupon in the insert that wasn't on any preview list!  I like happy surprises, don't you?

Have a great weeknd!

White Cloud 6-roll for $2.98 after coupon!

If you were lucky enough to get the $1 off White Cloud coupon in the Sunday paper (2/5) you can get the 6 Triple Roll package of White Cloud Green Earth for only $2.98!  If you follow the Toilet Paper Rule, you'll be interested to know that there is 277.1 square feet in this 6-roll package.  The price doesn't go quite as low as $2.77, but it gets pretty close.  I'd say $2.98 is a stock up price!  I'm very interested to see if these "triple" rolls last any longer than the "double" rolls we've been using lately!  Happy Friday, everybody!