Monday, September 12, 2011

Walgreens: Gain Free after RR

Wild for Wags is reporting that you can score Free Gain Detergent and Dish Liquid at Walgreens this week!  Checkout her post here, and another great scenario here for all of the details.  I hope both our Walgreens are well stocked with product! 

This double register reward is probably a "whoopsie" on the part of Walgreens and could be discontinued/corrected at any time.  So, if you don't get both register rewards, don't throw a fit and call corporate.  If the deal doesn't work for you and you don't need the products, the best thing for you to do is make a return right then and there.  You'll get your money back but not your coupons, so be prepared to lose the coupons!  Even if you only receive one of the $3 register rewards, just over two bucks for Detergent and Dish Liquid is a heck of a bargain!  This is a promotion sponsored by CouponNetwork, in case you're wondering.

Kroger: Goal Line Stand Game

Head over to Kroger (just click here) for a daily chance to win over 45,000 Instant Win Prizes!  You can play everyday for the next 13 days!  But, you're limited to one play per day and two prizes in all.  I won a Free Nesquick Powder Patch but decided to pass in hopes of getting something better tomorrow!

Walgreens Photo Deals This Week

I love getting 10-cent prints at Walgreens! 
This week you can get 50-4x6s for $5! 


Get really inexpensive Photo Gifts when you choose "site to store" and use this $5 off a $5 order code: 5OFFANY. 
The site to store delivery option is avaiable at select stores, but neither of our Walgreens are on the list!  Bummer!

Printable Mahatma Will Double, Insert Coupon Won't

Even if you got out early enough to grab a paper yesterday, be sure to print the RedPlum Mahatma Rice coupon (Just Click Here) available online. 

The printable coupon will double!  The newspaper insert coupon will NOT double!  Mahatma rice is a great, inexpensive donation item!

{{HOT}} Hasbro Playsaver Coupons Double at Kmart

UPDATE:  Finally got the online ad for Madisonville to pull up.  It is advertised in the ad that the Playsaver coupons will double!  The printable coupons from will double also (it's in the fine print below the pic).  But, there were no coupons available on the website!  Good luck!

According to (three) posts by Money Saving Madness, Kmart is doubling coupons this week.  Did anyone have the Hasbro/Kmart ad in their SmartSource yesterday?  The 9/11 Hasbro coupon are supposed to Double at Kmart this week.  But, in at least one Kmart, regular manufacturer's coupons are doubling also!  Not sure if this is happening here in Hopkins County, so let us know if you give it a try!
Keep in mind that the doubles may not be happening here in Hopkins County.  I didn't get a weekly ad in my snail mail this week (happening more and more often!) and I'm having trouble viewing the online ad!  If you give this a try and it works, let us know!

Printables: Glade

Glade Automatic Spray Refill $0.75 (9/12:77477)

Glade Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator (9/12:77477)

Glade D├ęcor Scents $1.00 (9/12:77477)

Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator $1.00(9/12:77477)

Glade Jar Candles (9/12:77477)

Glade Plugins Lasting Impressions Holder $3.00 (9/12:77477)
Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refills $1.00 (9/12:77477)

Glade Premium Room Spray $0.55 (9/12:77477)

Glade Press & Spray Starter Kit $1.00 (9/12:77477)

Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder $1.00 (9/12:77477)

Glade Scented Oil Candle Refill Packs $1.00 (9/12:77477)

Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit $2.00 (9/12:77477)

Glade Sense & Spray Refills $1.00 (9/12:77477)

Kraft Big Slice Cheese Coupon

Cheese in every bite!

Just click here for a printable coupon!

9/11 Hot Coupon Topics

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