Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog-lite again today!

Sorry, couponers, I am in Blog-lite again today.  Have a sick kiddo and a mile long to-do list!  Hope all will be back to normal again soon!  Have a good, but rainy, Monday!

Blog to Checkout: Somewhat Muddled Musings

I think it was fate that brought me to the blog Somewhat Muddled Musings, by Darcy Baldwin.  Darcy is part of the digital scrapbooking world where I have dabbled and admired for years now!  Be sure you check out her post titled Being Prepared: Stocking Up The Pantry For Emergencies.  It's a great guide for everyone but especially for couponers.  And for those of us here in Western Kentucky who survived the ice storm, well, you all remember what a horrible few weeks that was around here.  Not to mention that my cousin, Amy, just told me the prediction for this winter is snow, snow, and snow.  So, as the cooler weather sets in I am going to start taking a really close look at what items I need to be stocking up on.  Anyone interested in helping me formulate a "stock up strategy"?  Send me an email:

Every Day Saver .com

Here's another printable coupon website to bookmark!  There aren't many coupons available today, and most of them are available on many of the other printable sites, but who knows what coupons will pop up the next time you look!
Go to to take a peak.

What are the "Great for Cooking" Soups?

Saw on the 9/18 Sunday Coupon Preview that there was a coupon for 40-cents off 4 Campbell's Condensed Great for Cooking Soups.  If you're curious, like me, about what are the "great for cooking" soupons, you can see all of them here on the Campbell's website.  If my counting is correct this morning, there are 25 varieties!  All of them have the little blue band on the front.