Friday, September 16, 2011

Printables: All You, People, HTH

All You Special Issue $1.00 (9/16:77477)
All You: Smart Shopping
I wonder if there are coupons inside?

People Country $1.00 (9/16:77477)

HTH Spa Care $1.00 (9/16:77477)

Printables: Buddy Fruits, Clif Mojo Bars

Buddy Fruits $.100 (9/15:77477)
Does anyone know where you find these in the store?
And what exactly is a Buddy Fruit?

Clif Mojo Bars BOGO (9/16:77477)

Printables: Phineas & Ferb, Krystal, Dermarest

Phineas & Ferb $6.00 (9/15:77477)
Did I mention there are only 100 shopping days left until Christmas?

Krystal Strawberry Shortcake FREE (9/16:30033)
I know there is a Krystal burger in Clarksville just before the Hobby Lobby!  There's also one in Bowling Green and several in and around Nashville!

Dermarest $1.00 (9/16:77477)

Printables: Sani-Hands, Sani-Surface

Sani-Hands $0.55 (9/16:06101)

Sani-Surface $0.75 (9/16:06101)

Printables: I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter $1.50 (9/16:77477)

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Whipped & Creamy $1.00 (9/16:77477)

Printables: Fix-Quick, Hormel, Knorr, Sun-Bird

Fix-Quick $1.00 (9/16:77477)
I couldn't find this product on google.
But from the picture, I think it may be a tuna product?

Hormel Compleats $0.75 (9/16:77477) Did you ever notice that "compleats" is a play on words?
Instead of "complete" they spell it "compl-EATS"
It's amazing the things you find amusing at 3:30 AM!

Knorr $1.00 (9/16:12345) This one is Redeem Only at ShopRite.
Drats!  These are great coupons, too!

Sun-Bird Seasonings $0.50 (9/16:12345) This product is available in Kroger stores.  Not sure if it is available at our Kroger.  If it's not in the regular isle for seasonings & soup mixes, try looking in the organic section.

Printables: Perrier,Barbara's Cereal

Perrier $1.00 (9/15:77477)

Barbara’s Bakery Cereal $1.00 (9/16:06101)

A Thankyou from Dial Nutriskin

A Thank You Coupon from Dial Nutriskin!

How wonderful is that?

You have to enter your name and email to register.

Then a "get coupon" button will appear.

Once you click "get coupon" a new window will open for the RedPlum "printing" page.  It'll print automatically.

"$1.00 off One Dial Lotion (excludes trial size)"

iSurf: Culinary Crafts - Rock Around the Clock

Great news!  I'm am happy to introduce you to the new Culinary Crafts Blog!  Be sure to check out Culinary Crafts by Leigh for lots of great recipes and fun, interesting stories!  And you just can't argue with her slogan:  Remember...Life is short.  Eat dessert first!!  That's just the way I prefer it!  Today's article will have you feeling nostalgic and in need of a visit with your elders!  I just may have to try that tomato recipe for our next family get together!  Have a great weekend!  You can read Culinary Crafts on iSurf, too!

UPDATE: Hostess 50-cent Coupon, Did It Double?

I took my Hostess 50-cent coupon to Market Place and learned three very important things this morning.

1.) Market Place registers do not have hand-held scanners
2.) Market Place checkouts will not scan the new Databar 
3.) The numbers on the Databar can not be entered manually the way the old fashioned barcodes could 

I see coupon problems in our future....

Fortunately, today I had a very well trained cashier who worked and worked at the register until she was able to key in the 50-cents and it did double.  As for the coupon itself, the jury is officially out on whether or not it will double on it's own.  Since I have heard from two couponers that the register failed to double, I believe it does have something to do with the Databar coding.  Not sure if this will be a problem with all Databar coupons, or if it will be a select group.  Time will definitely tell since the new Databar will take over soon.  I actually googled this and the date is 2014...I am pretty sure I read that it was coming much sooner than that?

A lot of stores will not accept a coupon if it won't scan.  This is especially true when internet printable coupons are presented.  I can see this policy causing a lot of problems for couponers if the store register has not been updated to read the new Databar.  My best advice, if you run into this issue: Don't Panic!  Remain Calm!  Try to explain that your coupon is valid and that the problem may be that the register isn't able to read the new coupon format.  Remember, you'll catch more discounts with honey...or something like that!

Friday's RedPlum Dash for Deals: Wholly Guacamole

I was already thinking tacos would be good today, but now I am sure that tonight should be Mexican night! 

Get your Wholly Guacamole! coupon before they are all gone! 

Grab some tortilla chips and the new Queso-Blanco and you'll be ready....for some football?

Kroger: Goal Line Stand Game

Only 9 Days Left to Play Kroger's Goal Line Stand Game!  Well, I'm starting to think this game is rigged!  I didn't win anything again today!  Better luck tomorrow!

Recipe: Caramel Apples

Oh, my! 

I am so craving caramel apples after seeing this yummy picture in an email from All You this morning! 

Go to for the recipe. 

If the caramel didn't get too thick, you could use it as a topping for cake or brownies, too!

9/15 Hot Coupon Topics

Today's Hot Topics from the coupon-osphere!

  • Coupon Teacher - Giving On A Budget.  This a really sweet and inspirational blog post that. 
  • My Music City Mommy - $10 Rebate on Proctor and Gamble Products.  Hmmm, you have to buy $50 in P&G items, but that total has to be before coupons and can be spread out over several receipts!
  • MoJo Savings - How To Do Christmas.  In case you're curious, Christmas is, like, 100 days away!
  • Hip2Save - Jockey Mini Brief Keychain.  I just thought this was too cute.
  • Hip2Save - Coach Factory Store Coupon
  • Deal Seeking Mom - FREE Christmas Planning Ebook & More Printables.  I am in love!
  • Betty Crocker - Slow Cooker Lasagna.  If you've never tried this, it's pretty good!  I wouldn't necessarily say it saves any time because normally you're just going to put your lasagna in the oven.  But, I made it in the crock pot and it came out great!