Friday, January 20, 2012

Shopping at Market Place (1/20)

Here's a little summary of my Market Place shopping today (Friday, 1/20)...

General Mills Cereal 5/$10
If you're planning to take advantage of the 5/$10 cereal sale, be sure to look at all of the participating varieties.  I found two boxes of regular Cheerios for $2.  When I spotted the difference in size, I put the first two boxes back and grabbed the 14 oz box with Two Box Tops on it!  Those were the only two boxes I purchased and they rang up for $2 each so you shouldn't need to purchase 5 boxes if you don't need them.  Keep an eye on the expiration dates, though; these boxes expire in October.

Swiss Miss 98-cents
I didn't do a store search or ask anyone about the Swiss Miss, but the box I found on the shelf had a tag for $1.18.  That's still not a bad price, but 98-cents is better.  The good news is that the ad DOES show the 10 ct for 98-cents so you should be able to get the price adjusted at the register if it's ringing up for $1.18.  I didn't need cocoa so I just passed on that deal today.

Borden Shredded Cheese $2.38 & Cheese Slices $1.75
I didn't spot any of the Borden Shredded Cheese, but I did grab a pack of the cheese slices for $1.75!

Dawn Dish Liquid $1.18
Great news!  The Dawn w/ Olay IS on sale for $1.18!  Get a bottle for 18-cents with the 50-cent off coupon in the 1/1 P&G insert!  In the past we've seen Dawn for under a buck, but I went ahead and used my coupon today incase we don't see the price fall below $1.18 before the coupon expires.

Green Giant Canned Vegetables 2/$1
There's no coupon for these, but 50-cents is my "buy it" price for canned goods so I grabbed a couple cans of green beans for my donation box.

Store Brand Taco Seasoning
It's not advertised in the sale ad, but I spotted the Store Brand (Great Value? yellow packages) of Taco Seasoning for 4/$1!  I am really kicking myself for not grabbing several of those for the donation box.  They would make great donation items!  You'll find those in the isle with all the various seasoning packets.  I didn't check to see if they stock them in the "Mexican food" isle, so you might double check there, too!

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