Sunday, January 29, 2012

Would You Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap?

I came across this very interesting photo on Pinterest and couldn't resist reading the blog post on How to Make Liquid Hand Soap from a Bar of Soap.  You can find this clever tutorial on The Famer's Nest blog.

Would you make your own liquid hand soap?  I'd seriously consider it if Dial doesn't release a coupon soon!  Last year, there were several 35-cent off coupons that coincided with a 10 for $10 sale at Kroger.  The coupon doubled making each liquid hand soap the low, low price of 30-cents.  I stocked up but my supply is dwindling!

So, it couldn't have been better timing to find this "make your own" tutorial.  I'm not about to pay $4.99 for a bar of any kind of soap so I'll have to try this with something more economical.  And I know the tutorial says you can find liquid glycerin just about anywhere, but we live in rural America so I'll believe it when I find it! 

Don't Overlook the Coke Coupon in the Louisville Courier

If you picked up a copy of the Louisville Courier today, be sure to check for the "Save $2 Now when you buy four (4) 12-packs, 24 oz 6-packs, or 12oz 8-packs of any of the Coca-Cola Company" coupon.  This coupon is on the back page of the Metro section on the ValuMarket ad.  There's no store logo, just a picture of Coke products and 4 for $12 notated.  The coupons does state Manufacturer's Coupon so you should be able to use it anywhere!  My suggestion is use this coupon at Kroger this week where Coke products are on sale 4 for $12.  Good luck!

My hubby had to drive to two different locations in Madisonville to get two copies of the Louisville Courier this morning.  One copy had two Red Plums, a Smart Source, and a P&G with a Target ad.  The other had one Red Plum, a Smart Source, and a P&G with Target and Kmart Ads.  Another week without Kroger or Pharmacy ads.  I understand newspapers have a "print run" and that each paper may have different items included.  But, really, why would we need the Target ad instead of the Kroger or pharmacy ads? 

1/29 Sunday Coupon Preview

1/29 Sunday Coupon Preview  A Proctor & Gamble weekend is usually a good weekend to buy an extra copy of the Sunday Paper!