Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Market Place: 11/30 Ad Matchup

Sale Dates: Wednesday, November 30th - Tuesday, December 6th

Kraft: Buy 5, Save $5 - Buy any five participating items and save $5
  • Miracle Whip or Mayo (30 oz) $3.98
  • A.1. Steak Sauce (10 oz) $4.18
  • Jello RTE Gelatins, Puddings, or Temptations (6 pk) $3.48
  • Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce (18 oz) $2.98
  • Jello Cheesecake & Double Layer No Bake (12.6-19 oz) $3.68
  • Kraft Pourable Dressings (14-16 oz) $3.48
  • Jello No Bake Cheesecake & Temptations (4.7-11 oz) $3.28
  • Grey Poupon (8 oz) $3.48
  • Kraft Easy Mac Cups (4 pk) $4.48
You can find Printable coupons for Kraft Miracle Whip/Mayo, Dressing, and A.1. on the Cooking with Kraft website.  FYI, this is a Publix Grocery Store promotion and all of the coupons print with "Redeem at Publix" in the upper left corner.  Ideally, you can use them anywhere, but they could be refused by Market Place.  You also need an Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, or Tennessee address just to sign up on the website.  It'd be great to save that extra dollar, but chances are it's not going to work out.  Good luck!

Regular Weekly Ad Matchup
  • Charmin Basic $4.98 {-.25/1 Charmin product, PG 11/27
  • Bounty Basic $4.98 {-.25/1 Bounty towels or napkins, PG 11/27
  • Gain $3.98 {Printable for Gain Ocean Escapes, if available
  • Prairie Farms French Onion Dip or Sour Cream $1.18 {-.50/1 Prairie Farms french onion, ranch, jalapeno fiesta, or bacon cheddar dip, 16 oz, SS 11/06  or  FYI: Prairie Farms coupons are usually Do Not Doubles
  • Sargento Shredded Cheese 2/$5 {-.40/1 Sargento shredded products, SS 11/06
  • Parkay Spread $2.98 {-.65/2 Parkay products, SS 11/06
  • Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls $2.98 {-.30/1 Pillsbury Reg or Grands sweet rolls, SS 9/11 (exp 12/03) -.40/2 Pillsbury Reg or Grands sweet rolls, SS 10/02 -.40/2 Pillsbury Reg or Grands sweet rolls, SS 11/06 -.40/2 Pillsbury Reg or Grands sweet rolls, SS 11/13 -.40/2 Pillsbury Reg or Grands sweet rolls, SS 12/04 or SmartSource printable
  • Angel Soft $1.00 {-.45/1 Angel Soft bath tissue, 4 double roll +, RP 11/13
  • Mardi Gras Napkins 2/$5 {-.55/1 Mardi Gras Napkins, 250 or 500 ct, RP 10/02
  • Finish Gel or Powder $2.98 {-$1 off Finish Quantum product, SS 11/20 or Home Solutions News Printable, if available
  • Dawn Liquid $2.98 {-.25/1 Dawn product, PG 11/27
  • Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent 2/$5 {-$1/2 Arm & Hammer laundry products, SS 10/16 or Arm & Hammer Printable, if available
  • Downy $4.98 {-$1.50 off Tide AND Downy product, PG 11/27 or -.50/1 Tide or Downy product, PG 11/27
  • Bar-S Bologna $1.00 {-.75/2 Bar-S frank or balogna, 1 lb, RP 10/23 (exp 12/04)
  • Bar-S Franks $1.15 {-.75/2 Bar-S frank or balogna, 1 lb, RP 10/23 (exp 12/04) or Bar-S Facebook Printable, if available
  • TN Pride Sausage Patties $2.88 {TN Pride Printable, if available
  • Tombstone Pizza 3/$10 {Very Best Baking Printable, if available (be sure to check it December 1st)
  • Hungry-Man Dinners $2.75 {SmartSource Printable, if available
  • Birds Eye Steamers $1.98 {Birds Eye Facebook Printabe, if available
  • Hot Pockets 3/$5 {Hot Pockets Printable, if available
  • Bunny Bread Soft Twist or 100% Wheat $1.48 {-.25/1 Bunny Bread, SS 10/30
  • Green Giant Vegetables $0.65 {-.50/2 Green Giant canned corn, peas or green beans, excl buffet and specialty, SS 11/13 ***Only 15-cents a can after Double coupon!***
  • Nabisco Large Size Snack Crackers $3.75 {SmartSource Printable, if available
  • Wesson Oil $8.75 {-.30/1 Pure Wesson vegetable oil, SS 11/13
  • Hormel Chili w/ No Beans 4/$5 {-.55/2 Hormel chili, SS 11/06
  • Ronco Pasta $2.28 {Ronco Recipes Printable, if available
  • Bisquick $3.58 {-.50/1 Bisquick baking mix 20 oz + or 10.6 oz Shake 'n Pour pancake mix, SS 11/13 or Bisquick Printable, if available
  • Velveeta Skillets 2/$4 {Velveeta Facebook Printable, if available ***This is a great buy if you can get that printable to work for you, it didn't work for me!***
  • Texas Toast Croutons $1.18 {-.40/1 Texas Toast Croutons, SS 11/13 or SmartSource Printable, if available ***As low as 18-cents or 38-cents if coupon Doubles!***
  • Hungry Jack Potatoes $1.00 {-$1/2 Hungry Jack potato product, RP 11/06
  • Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.98 {-.40/1 Betty Crocker cookie mix pouch, 17.5 oz +, SS 11/06 or -.40/1 Betty Crocker cookie mix pouch, 17.5 oz +, SS 11/13
Non-Coupon Good Buys
  • Prairie Farms 1/2 Gallon Milk 3/$5 or $1.66 each
  • Coke 12 pk Products 3/$11 or $3.66 each
  • Family Pack Ground Beef $1.88/lb
  • Sparkle Paper Towels, 1 roll $1.00
  • Family Pack Boneless Chicken Tenders $2.18/lb
  • Various Taco Bell products priced from $0.68 - $2.48
  • Silver Floss Souerkraut $0.87
  • Fritos or Cheetos 2/$4
$4 Extreme Saver "Stock-Up" List
These are the items I would spend an extra $4 on this week.  Why spend an extra $4?  Spending an extra $4 on each shopping trip will allow you to build your "stock pile" without breaking the bank!
  • Luck's Beans 2/$1 {my favorite item of the week because it has a nice, long shelf life}
  • Sparkle Single Roll Paper Towels $1
  • Angel Soft 4 Roll pack $1

Food Giant / Sureway: 11/30 Ad Matchup

Sale Dates: Wednesday, November 30th - Tuesday, December 6th

Smart Shopper Savings Matchup
  • Charmin $4.48 {-.25/1 Charmin product, PG 11/27
  • Bounty $6.98 {-.25/1 Bounty towels or napkins, PG 11/27
  • Tide $4.98 {-$1.50 off Tide AND Downy product, PG 11/27 or -.50/1 Tide or Downy product, PG 11/27
  • Folgers $2.98 {-$1/2 Folgers coffee product, 3 oz +, RP 12/04
Regular Weekly Ad Matchup
  • Big G Cereals 4/$10 {-$1/3 General Mills cereals, SS 10/23 (exp 12/03)
  • Hungry Man Dinners 2/$5 {SmartSource Printable, if available
  • Green Giant Boxed Vegetables 2/$3 {-.60/3 Green Giant frozen boxed vegetables, SS 11/13 or Green Giant Printable, if available
  • TGIF Frozen Appetizers $2.98 {-$1 off TGI Friday's product, SS 10/23 (exp 12/04)
  • Michelina's Frozen Dinners 4/$5 Michelina's Printable, if available
  • Farm Rich Snacks $4.98 {-$1 off Farm Rich product, SS 11/13 or Farm Rich Printable, if available
  • Tombstone Pizza 3/$10 {Very Best Baking Printable, if available (be sure to check it December 1st)
  • Bunny Bread 2/$3 {-.25/1 Bunny Bread, SS 10/30
  • Campbell's Gravy $0.78 {-.25/1 Campbell's gravy, SS 11/06 or Campbell's Kitchen Printable, if available
  • Margaret Holmes Southern Vegetables $1.38 {-.75/2 Margaret Holmes Southern Style vegetables, December All You magazine
  • Chex Mix $2.98 {-.50/2 Chex Mix 4.5 oz+ or Chex 100 Calorie snacks, SS 10/23
  • Downy $4.48 {-$1.50 off Tide AND Downy product, PG 11/27 or -.50/1 Tide or Downy product, PG 11/27  ***Fifty-cents Cheaper than Market Place!***
  • Puffs Tissues $1.78 {-Free Puffs product wyb (2) Vicks products, max $2.25, PG 11/27
  • Secret Deodorant $2.19 {-$1/2 Secret product, excl trial size, PG 11/27
  • Old Spice $2.19 {-$1/2 Old Spice product, 1.7 oz +, PG 11/27
  • Pantene $3.59 {-$3/2 Pantene product, excl trial size, PG 11/27
  • Marzetti Apple Dips 43.58 {-$1 off Marzetti caramel dip, 12 oz +, SS 9/18
  • Bar-S Bologna $1.38 {-.75/2 Bar-S frank or balogna, 1 lb, RP 10/23 (exp 12/04)
  • Bar-S Franks $1.18 {-.75/2 Bar-S frank or balogna, 1 lb, RP 10/23 (exp 12/04) or Bar-S Facebook Printable, if available
  • Fast Fixins Buffalo Wings $5.98 {-$1 off Fast Fixin' product, October All You magazine
  • El Monterey Burritos $2.98 {-.50/1 El Monterey burritos, family pk, SS 10/16
  • Johnsonville Italian Sausage 2/$9 {-.50/1 Johnsonville Italian sausage, SS 10/16 or -$1 off Johnsonville Italian sausage links or All Natural Italian ground sausage, SS 11/06
Non-Coupon Good Buys
  • Western Ribs $1.78/lb
  • Dole Salad Blend $0.98
  • Best Choice Tomatoes 2/$1
  • Chips Ahoy or Keeble Deluxe Cookies 2/$5 {if these are the big packages}
  • Fritos or Cheetos 2/$4
  • Best Choice Pasta & Rice Sides $0.78
$4 Extreme Saver "Stock-Up" List
These are the items I would spend an extra $4 on this week.  Why spend an extra $4?  Spending an extra $4 on each shopping trip will allow you to build your "stock pile" without breaking the bank!
  • Best Choice Tomatoes 2/$1
  • Best Choice Pasta & Rice Sides $0.78

Last Week for Food Drive at Southside

If you're a Southside Elementary School parent, don't forget this is the last week to send donations for the Cannded Food Drive.  I haven't checked this week to see which pod is leading the race, but I would like to wish "Good Luck" to all of the pods!  Clean out those cupboards and help fill the donation tables!

You can get 50-cent canned goods at Market Place, Sureway, and Food Giant this week.  And you don't need a coupon!  If you're a Walmart shopper, go ahead and price match the Luck's beans in the Market Place ad. 

Or, if you were lucky enough to get the Green Giant canned vegetables coupon, score super cheap veggies at Market Place where your coupon will double for extra savings!  {I've checked several coupon clipping sites and no one seems to have any of the Green Giant coupons available, total bummer.  There are some available on ebay, if you want to pay the price!}

12/4 Red Plum Preview

Thanks, Sunday Coupon Preview!

RedPlum Coupon Preview
Alka-seltzer Save $1/1 alka-seltzer prodcut (3/31/12)
Alka-seltzer Save $2/1 alka-seltzer plus product (3/31/12)
All Save $.75/1 all laundry detergent (28 load or larger) (1/15/12)
Aquaphor Save $1/1 any aquaphor product (including skin care, lip care and baby care (.35oz-14oz) (12/31)
Build-a-bear workshop Save $10 off a purchase of Save $30 or more (12/31)
Cesar Save $1/2 cesar treats (1/31/12)
Domino Save $.30/1 24oz domino organic or domino demerara sugar product(1/31/12)
Domino Save $.65/1 bottle domino organic light or amber agave nectar (1/31/12)
Domino Save $.75/2 domino sugar products (2lbs or larger) (1/31/12)
Dunkin donuts Save $.75/1 any 11 oz or larger bag of dunkin donuts coffee (not redeemable in restaurants) (2/29/12)
Dunkin donuts *free* donut with purchase of any extra large coffee (1/31/12)
Folgers Save $.25/1 any folgers coffee product, 30z or larger (1/15/12)
Mars Save $1/2 mars holiday products (12/25)
Pedigree Save $1/2 pedigree treats for dogs (dentastix 5.5oz or larger, marrobone 8oz or larger, Jumbone 6.34oz or larger, any size breathbuster, any size goodbites (1/15/12)
Rhodes Save $.55/1 any package rhodes bread or rolls (1/29/12)
Scope Save $.75/1 scope mouthwash (710 ml or larger) (1/31/12)
Snuggle Save $.50/1 snuggle fabric softener liquid or dryer sheets (1/1/12)
Temptations Save $.50/1 temptations treats for cats (1/14/12)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Food Drives at Your Local School

Remember, your local school is probably having a food drive right now (I know Southside is!  Go PURPLE Pod!!!) so be sure to grab a few extra items and drop them off at your school on the way home.  At our school, the students compete and the winning pod is rewarded with a pizza party!  A pizza party is a great incentive for getting families to participate. 

But, the great thing about the Food Drive is not winning the pizza party.  The great thing about the Food Drive is these donated items are available each week for families to pickup.  And that means there needs to be a steady flow of donations to keep that table stocked.  I gotta say the donation table was looking mighty empty yesterday...  I'm going to clean out my cabinets and send as much as I can on Monday and I challenge you to do the same!  In fact, I challenge you to beat the Purple Pod!  ;-}  Next week is your last chance to make donations to be counted toward the pizza party.  But, donations are accepted all of the time!

You can get 2/$1 canned goods at Market Place (Best Choice) or you can get a 4-pack of Libby's Vegetables for $2 at Walmart!  Oh the goodness we would see if everyone grabbed at least two cans and donated them!  Like I often say: Couponers CAN make a difference, one donation at a time!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  And remember, when you make a donation, even a small one, you are helping another family have a wonder and happy holiday, too!

Market Place: Buy It or Price Match It

Here's a quick list of the things you should buy at Market Place this week (or Price Match at Walmart)!

  • Duncan Hines Cake Mix $0.88
  • Domino Sugar $1.97 -$1/2 Domino sugar product, 2 lb +, November Good Housekeeping or Ladies Home Journal or Redbook or Weight Watchers magazine; this coupon won't double so you'll save just as much by price matching at Walmart!
  • Dr. Pepper & RC Products 4/$11 or $2.75 each; stock up!
  • Nestle Morsels $1.97 -printable, if available Use this coupon at Market Place and hope it doubles!
  • Red Gold Diced Tomatoes 2/$1 -printable, if available or this printable, if available (neither were available to me!)
  • Dawn Dish Liquid $1.18 - dig out your P&G coupons and take home some inexpensive dish soap!  Be sure to have this on your Market Place list so your coupon will double AND because Walmart usually doesn't carry the smaller bottles to price match!
  • Sweet Sue Chicken Broth 2/$1, Walmart has Swanson for the same price
  • Country Crock Butter $2.98 -$1 off Shedd's Country Crock product, November or December All You magazine; butter for $1.98 after coupon is a stock up price!
  • Cool Whip $0.97; The Walmart brand is probably priced slightly lower, but Market Place has all of the "fancy" Cool Whip flavors for $0.97 and who doesn't need a tub of the French Vanilla, right?
Here are a couple items to put on your Walmart shopping list and not your Market Place list!
  • Prairie Farms 1/2 Gal Milk $1.87; if you're not brand loyal, a gallon of the Walmart brand is less expensive than two 1/2 gallons of PF at Market Place
  • Campbell's Cream of Soups $0.75 at Market Place compared to $0.60 (or $0.59) at Walmart.  If you have the $0.30 off 4 cans coupon (not sure which insert it came from, sorry!) you would pay $2.40 for 4 cans at Market Place after your coupon doubled.  You'd only pay $2.10 for 4 cans at Walmart even though your coupon won't double!

Thanksgiving Dressing for Six Bucks!

If you already have Slow Cooker liners, eggs and stick butter, you can make this Quick and Easy Crock Pot Dressing for about $6 when you shop at Market Place this week.  You could skip the Slow Cooker Liner,too (but it makes clean up so much easier!).

The best part? 

You don't need any coupons!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Stil Here....

Good morning, couponers!  A little birdy told me that one of my coupon friends was missing the blog!  I gotta tell you I was just happy to hear that there are at least two people who were reading it!  So, I wanted to let everyone know that I'm still around and I will be coming back to the blog....sort of, more on that at a later time.  Life sort of took over and the time I needed to devote to the blog became non-existent.  I've got some changes in mind and I hope they are well received.  In fact, I'm looking for a few good couponers who might be interested in writing for the blog...anyone interested?  Send me an email at and tell me why you want to write for the blog.  But, keep in mind it's a non-paid gig, all glory and no $$$ (except for the $$$ you save when you coupon!).

Anyhoo, I hope everyone has continued to save in my absence and I hope to help you save more in the future!  Until next time.....