Monday, August 22, 2011

Leaving comments should be GOOD things!

I was a little shocked to read this post by A Thrifty Mom.  She shares a comment that someone left on her blog and I just have to say that, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!  I sometimes make comments on things I see on coupon blogs/websites, but I never criticize the host of the blog/website.  Most of the time I leave a comment because I have a question about the deal and I need more information to make it work for me!  Comments are sometimes called RAOKS, which stands for Random Acts of Kindness.  It's not very kind when you tell someone they should discontinue their blog! 

I've posted a list before of the blogs/websites I follow (check out the blog roll).  I think I get around 25 emails a day.  There's a lot of repeat info in the emails, but every once in a while there will be a great deal burried amongst all that repeat info!  But, I would recommend picking at least five of your favorite blogs/websites and signing up for their daily email.  I hope The Hopkins County Couponer is one of the emails you've signed up for!

I've been actively couponing for about seven months now and I eventually came to this realization:  You can't get every deal out there.  You'll never save any money if you keep purchasing things just because they are on sale!  (Except toilet paper, buy it when it's on sale, it'll never go bad!)  Once you get a nice stock pile of things built up, take a break for a little while.  Even shampoo and bodywash can go bad if it sits on a shelf long enough.  Don't buy more than you can possibly use before it spoils!

$1 off Honey Maid Graham Crackers

Visit Printable Coupons and Deals for a direct print link to a $1 off Honey Maid Graham Crackers coupon.  I didn't print it, but the site says it's for $1 off one so you may be able to snag these brand name graham crackers for less than a box of store brand!  I know there is probably no real difference, but I always think the "real" graham crackers are just a little softer than the store brand!

Totinos Pizza for 50-cents at Walmart?

This isn't the first time I've read about cheap Totino's pizza at Walmart.  Everytime I check at our Walmart, they are $1.25 each.  That's also the price at the grocery stores.  Walmart is not the low-price leader for Totinos Pizza.  Any hoo, I Heart the Mart is proclaiming 50-cent Totinos Pizza at Walmart.  I'm just more than a little skeptical about finding that price here.  But, if you do, 50-cents each is a stock up price for sure!

iSurf Culinary Crafts: My Epiphany

Check out this week's iSurf Culinary Crafts: My Epiphany.  You'll want to print this one out and pass it along to any kiddos heading off to college.  I'm going to file this one away for my husband's next deployment (keeping fingers crossed that it never comes!).  I am envisioning the cutest "back to college" baskets you could assemble with the ingredients for the recipes Leigh gives us this week!  You could even use them as an office gift!  Attach the recipe to the basket, toss in a gift card for the perishables, and you'll definitely brighten someone's day!

Kraft Coupons for Hawaii?

There's a link to printable Kraft coupons available on Who Said Nothing in Life is Free.  When you get to the Kraft website, you'll have to enter a Hawaii zipcode (96846) inorder to find any printable coupons.  Out of curiosity, I printed the Planters Peanut Butter coupon.  In the upper left hand corner it says "redeemable in Hawaii".  Of course, it is a manufacturer's coupon and should be accepted by the register without an issue.  Local cashiers may not want to accept the coupon, though.  Good luck!