Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday in Hopkins County

Happy Friday everyone.  Be sure to keep one ear on the weather throughout the day; it could get ugly out there.  Just a last, quick post this morning to say a big THANKYOU to Ms. Tonya and the Hanson Elementary School Family Resource Center!  I had a great time talking with you all about coupons last night!  I even got a great tip from one attendee who says she purchases her meet in bulk, as in a whole cow!  I'd never thought about doing that, but I may have to make a visit to Hampton's soon! 

If you're not familiar with the Family Resource Centers in our county schools, well, I just have to say they are packed with amazing and wonderful individuals who care to their very core about our children and families!  If you haven't found a place to donate your Coupon for Change items, find the nearest Family Resource Center and start dropping off your donatables today!  Have a good weekend (and stay safe) everyone!

Southern Savers: Fradulent Coupons

Southern Savers had a good post yesterday regarding fraudulent coupons.  I haven't personally come across any fraudulent coupons, but they are out there.  Be sure you know what to look for so you don't accidentally try to use one!  Click here to read more about it!

Big Lots: Friends & Family Save 20% (3/4)

As you may already know, Big Lots doesn't accept manufacturer's coupons.  But, they do have Friends & Family Events that save you 20%!  You do need to sign up for a Buzz Club Rewards Card online or instore!

Looks like all you need is your Buzz Club Card to take advantage of the 20% from 5-Closing on Saturday night.  If you're shopping on Sunday, be sure to print the coupon and take it with you!

20% off your ENTIRE purchase could equal out to a pretty good deal!  You can shop for anything from food to toys to furniture to school supplies to....well, they have a big variety!

Betty Crocker Printables

The beginning of a new month can be one of the best times for new printable coupons!  I love this $1 off Frozen Grands Biscuits available on the Betty Crocker website!  It's free and easy to sign-up if you're not already.  There are a nice mix of coupons available, so be sure to check it out!