Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Columbus Day, Welcome Fall Break

Good Monday Morning!  And Happy Columbus Day!  Plus, today begins Fall Break for many students here in Hopkins County!  I turned off my alarm clock last night and just realized that I won't have to turn it back on for a whole week!  How great is that?!

Only TWO days left for Give Me $5 Savings at Market Place

Just a reminder that you have today and Tuesday to take advantage of the Give Me $5 savings event at Market Place!  I have it on good authority that you can price match the ad at Walmart, too!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll see this savings event again in the near future!

My Litter: Missing Coupon Inserts?

Wow!  Tiffany at My Litter gets angry when it comes to Coupon Insert theft!  I don't disagree that it is wrong to steal inserts and then sell them.  One of her readers says her newspaper delivery man is stealing inserts from papers before he delivers them so he can resell them.  The question I have is: does the delivery man purchase the papers from the Newspaper and then deliver them?  That's how it works in some places.  The Owensboro paper won't deliver out my way because it's not profitable for the delivery man to drive all the way out here just to deliver my one paper. 
I do disagree about purchasing coupons.  Clipping services do not sell coupons, they provide a service of clipping and redistributing coupons.  And I'm not so sure it is officially "illegal" to purchase coupons.  It may be against the manufacturer's policy to purchase coupons, the fine print usually has some stipulation about selling/trading coupons being prohibited.  But, when you use the term "illegal" you imply there is a State or Federal Law making it criminally punishable to sell coupons.  I simply don't know if there is such a law.  But, if there isn't a law currently on record, there will be one soon, I'm sure.

I do realize the cost of living varies from place to place.  However, when you can buy toothpaste at a Walmart in bustling Houston for less than you can buy it in Madisonville, well, something is off with the cost of living formula.  Not to mention the price of gas in Hopkins County compared with the rest of the US.  If our region has a lower cost of living and therefore lower value coupons, why don't we see lower price tags in our stores? 

I don't believe we should miss out on a great, high value coupon just because we live in Hopkins County.  I don't know about you, but I'm happy to pay someone to collect and send those coupons to me.  How is that different than subscribing to a newspaper in California or Florida and having the paper mailed to your home?  Whether you are paying your newspaper or a coupon clipper, you are paying someone for the service of delivering your coupons.

Change for a Change at Kroger

Change for a Change Items for Kroger Sale 10/10-10/15

Progresso Soup, 18 to 19 oz, 8/$10
Progresso Rich & Hearty Try Me Free MIR PRINT
Purchase 1     Free!

Kroger Tomatoes or Tomato Sauce 14.5 to 15 oz or Kroger Beans 15 to 15.5 oz, 5/$3
$0.45/3 Kroger Fire-Roasted Tomatoes Kroger eCoupon (if included...if not, still a good deal)LOAD TO CARD
Purchase 3     $1.35
Suave Shampoo or Conditioner, Select Varieties, 15 to 18 oz, 88¢
Purchase 1     $.88

Crest 3D White Vivid or Pro-Health Toothpaste 4 to 6.2 oz or Oral B Toothbrush, 1 ct, 2/$5
$2/1 Crest, Scope, Oral-B Products 9/11/2011 SS Insert
Purchase 1     $.50

Rice a Roni or Pasta Roni, 3.8 to 10.3 oz, 10/$10
Purchase 1     $1.00

Total Spent     $3.73 for almost $11 worth of groceries!!

Thanks Zeal for a Deal for a great matchup!

Would anyone be interested in Printable Wall Art?

I have been surfing the DIY blogs a lot lately and the one thing I keep seeing is "vinyl wall art".  It's pretty awesome and comes with a nice price tag, and apparently it's just the sticker, so you have to find something to stick it to once you get it.  So, I am going to attempt to create a "vinyl wall art" photo similar to a couple things I've seen recently.  Any body interested in a FREE printable?  Leave a comment!