Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Correction to Fred's post Earlier this Week

I made a whoopsie!  Earlier this week I told you that you can use the 75-cent All coupon at Fred's on Saturdays and have it double.  Well, I got ahead of myself by five-cents.  Fred's will only double coupons with a face value of 70-cents or less on Saturdays.  Sorry about that!  A big THANKYOU to Leigh for bringing that whoopsie to my attention so I could get the correct info out there! 

So, if you have that 75-cent All coupon, be sure to use it at Dollar General on Saturday when they have another $5 off a $25 purchase day!

Culinary Crafts: Naughty or Nice?

Uh-oh, Leigh's counting down the days 'til Christmas and asking us if we've been Naughty or Nice!  Yikes!

And those recipes made me giggle and smile this morning!  I gotta say "Reindeer Poop" is one of my all time favorite recipes!  And I am dying to know which animal crackers she used on those cupcakes!  And now I'm brainstorming other candies I could put in that fudge recipe!  I think I better ask Santa for bigger jeans this year!

Check it out at Culinary Crafts by Leigh or on the iSurf site!  I'm leaving a comment so be sure to click over and read it!  And leave a comment while you're there!  We bloggers love comments! 

Thanks, Leigh, you've done it again this week!  Hey, do you have a recipe for  Old Fashioned Fudge?  The kind of fudge where you use Cocoa instead of chocolate chips?  My grandmomma used to make it and it was my all time favorite!

Letters to Santa

Good Tuesday morning!  Just got the call that Hopkins County is on a one-hour delay this morning and I am basking in that extra hour of computer time!  It gives me the perfect opportunity to share a few neat Santa things with you!

First, Letters to Santa.  We've been doing this for a couple years and I can't tell you how great I think it is!  You send your child's letter to Santa and he writes a reply!  And it's free, although they do appreciate donations!  It's through the Santa Claus Museum and here's the address:
          Santa Claus
          PO Box 1
          Santa Claus, IN 47579
 Letters need to be mailed before December 21st to ensure you receive your reply before Christmas.  You can also find printable letters on the website:  http://www.santaclausmuseum.org/letters-to-santa/

Second, this neat way to put Santa in your living room!  I saw this on a blog called Design Dazzle and thought it was a great idea!  The website is Capture the Magic and it's as simple as uploading a picture from your home (of your tree or fireplace or where ever you like!), choosing the right Santa, and printing!  As soon as my tree is presentable (aka: decorated) I can't wait to try this out!

Third, a free Letter to Santa printable for your {whoopsie!  a spy a typo!} child to fill in created by a very cute blog called Wonder Forrest!  This may be the way to go for us since my Kindergartener can actually write this year, so exciting!  I was planning to make one myself {you know I love Photoshop} but this one is ready to use and it's free!

Zeal for a Deal at Kroger 12/4

Zeal for a Deal
I love Zeal for a Deal's weekly Change for a Change matchup!

Change for a Change Items for Kroger Sale 12/4-12/10
Hunt’s Tomatoes, Paste or Sauce 10/$10
$0.40/2 Hunt’s Tomatoes PRINT
Purchase 4        $2.40 (if your store doubles)
Degree or Dove Deodorant, Select Varieties, 2.6 to 3 oz, $1.88
$1/1 Degree Men Deodorant PRINTPurchase 1     $.88
Total Spent   $3.28  for almost $9 worth of groceries! (63% off!)

Kroger: Earn Extra Box Tops with Pilsbury!

Add Pilsbury Goodies to your Kroger shopping list and earn an extra 10 Box Tops for your school every time you buy 3 participating Pilsbury products! 

And there are always coupons for these products!  And those coupons usually DOUBLE!