Friday, August 5, 2011

Mars Needs Mom, $5 off coupon

Mars Needs Mom will be released next Tuesday (8/9) and here's $5 off any Blu-Ray Combo Pack coupon from Disney Movie Rewards.  The list price right now on is $22.96 to $29.96 for the Blu-ray packs.  If you're planning on purchasing this, be sure to checkout the Kmart and Target ads for next week.  Sometimes, new releases are on sale at the chain pharmacies, too!  I got a really good deal on Mega Mind back in the spring at CVS!

Do you "Like" Wisk Laundry Detergent?

Head over to the Wisk Facebook page for a $1 off printable coupon!  Laundry coupons are always good to have on hand.  The bottle pictured on the Facebook page is for 32 loads (50oz), but the fine print says 26 loads (45oz) or larger!

Printables: Nestle

Check out Very Best Baking for Nestle printable coupons!

Save $0.50 on two cans of Evaporated Milk (12 oz) any variety {this coupon will double at the grocery stores so you may be able to get the Carnation cheaper than the store brand}

Save $1.50 on two Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough, any variety {watch for a sale!}

Save $0.50 on two packages of Nestle Morsels, any variety {this coupon doubles at the grocery store and Market Place did have a smallish bag of these; probably want to price check them against Walmart before you buy, though}

Save $0.50 on Nestle Dark Chocolate Morsels 10 oz {if this coupon doubles you should be able to get a reasonably priced bag of chips!}

8/7 Insert Previews: RedPlum, SmartSource, General Mills

We should find a RedPlum, a SmartSource, and a General Mills in the 8/7 paper.  Expect regional differences!

Do You Save Your Box Tops?

Have you noticed that a lot of the Mega Event and Register Reward items each week are also Box Tops for Education items?  If you're not familiar with Box Tops, they are found on many products and are worth money to your local schools.  You just have to clip them off the package and turn them into your favorite school.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.  I think each Box Top is usually worth ten-cents.  I have a cup on top of the fridge where I deposit them for safe keeping.  If you don't have kids in your household, you could clip these for family or friends, or you could just drop them off the next time you drive by your neighborhood school!  Just don't throw those things in the trash!  They can't help anyone if you toss them out with the garbage!  You can learn more about it on their website:

Free App for Kentucky Utilities or LG&E Customers

Did you know Kentucky Utilities has an App?  Search for "LG&E KU Outage Maps" in the App Store.  It's free and gives you a listing of outages and estimated restoration times.  Wouldn't that have been handy during the ice store?  I read about it on the back of my electric bill envelope and thought I'd check it out.  Plus, you can follow them on Twittter: @lgeku.  Who knew?

Next Week at Staples

If you've signed up to receive the Staples ad, you should have the 8/7 sales ad waiting in your inbox this morning.  There always seems to be some fine print for these really good, cheap deals, so I prefer to have the paper in my hands.  But, here are some things to keep an eye out for next week!

iSurf: Culinary Crafts: Keepin' the Faith

Ever wonder how mustard got it's name?  Do you know when National Mustard Day (what?) is?  Read all about it in this week's Culinary Crafts: Keepin' the Faith by Leigh Douglas.  Who knew mustard had so many uses and such a rich history?  I just may have to pay more attention to that little yellow bottle the next time it's on sale!  I guess it's worth hoarding, after all (kidding)!  Thanks Leigh, for a wonderfully interesting article!

Printables: Skintimate, BreathRx, Natural Dentist

Skintimate (8/4:98052)

BreathRx (8/4:98052)

Natural Dentist (8/1:98052)

Printables: SlowMag, Efferdent, Effergrip

SlowMag (8/3:10038)

Efferdent (8/3:10038)

Effergrip (8/1:30303)

Printables: Enfamil, Triple Paste, Triple Cream

Enfamil (8/5:30303)

Triple Cream (8/4:98052)

Triple Paste (8/4:98052)

Printable: Chore Boy

Chore Boy (8/4:98052)

Printable: InStyle Magzine

InStyle Magazine Aug (8/4:98052)

Printables: Franks, Arnold

Arnold Sandwich Thins (8/4:98052)

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (8/1:98052)

Shop at Payless, Get Office Max Coupon

The fine print in the email says you only need to spend $0.01 or more at Payless to receive the Office Max Coupon!  I'm sure there is additional find print on the Office Max coupon regarding what items you can purchase.  But, how great is $10 off a $30 purchase this time of year?  And if you can use the $10 off that super inexpensive laser printer I posted about earlier....match made in heaven!  I can almost hear it calling out to need to buy me....I'm waiting for you.....where oh where are my car keys!  UPDATE:  Curiousity just got the best of me and I had to call the store to check on this.  The Hopkinsville store does indeed have 3 printers in stock (as of 3:38 pm) but you can not use the $10 off coupon toward the printer.  Big ol' bummer!  But, that's still a great coupon and that's still a great price for a laser printer!

Couponing in Hopkinsville

You could do some seriouse coupon saving in Hopkinsville this week.  These stores are all located in Hopkinsville and they all have coupons available!

JC Penney, $10 of $25 purchase

Here's another great coupon via Coupon Geek!  Save $10 off a $25 purchase at JC Penney through Saturday.  It's another direct print link (and you know how I feel about those), but the link on Coupon Geek will take you strait to the coupon.

Buy Band Aids, get Pencil Case Free

Have any Phineas and Ferb fans at your house?  Have any kids who love BandAids?  Put your coupons in the 7/31 insert to good use and then score a free pencil case.  Get the form here!  While supplies last!