Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Printable: Directv

Click to Print! Directv (8/31:98052)

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Printable: Starbucks Natural Fusion

Click to Print! Starbucks Natural Fusion (8/31:77477)

Printables: Focusfactor, OmegaDHA900, OmegaFactor3

Click to Print! Focusfactor (8/31:77477)

Click to Print! OmegaDHA900 (8/31:77477)

Click to Print! OmegaFactor3 (8/31:77477)

Printable: 8th Continent Soy Milk

Click to Print! 8th Continent Soy Milk (8/31:77477)

August 2011 Printables List

August 2011

Foods: Beverages
Boost Kid Essentials (8/1:42301)
Caribou Coffee (8/6:45050)
Cool Juice (8/20:91402)
Folgers (8/20:90210)
Kern’s (8/23:32601)
La Croix (8/6:84717)
Mighty Leaf Tea (8/3:42301)
Minute Maid Juice Boxes (8/15:30303)
Old Orchard Juice (8/2)
Seattle’s Best Coffee (8/1:10038)
Sokenbicha (8/2:98052)
Starbucks Natural Fusion (8/31:77477)
SunDrop Soda (8/11:98052)
SunDrop (8/11:98052)
True Lemon (8/20:90210)
Welch’s (8/3:10038)

Foods: Boxed/Canned/Other
 Arnold Sandwich Thins (8/4:98052)
Bisquick Baking Mix (8/1:90210)
Carnation Evaporated Milk
Filippo Berio (8/18:12345)
Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (8/1:98052)
Hamburger Helper (8/1:90210)
Hidden Valley (8/21:98052)
Honey Boy (8/16:77477)
Imagine Soups (8/2:website)
KC Masterpiece (8/21:98052)
LloydsRackRibs (8/19:98052)
Mara Natha (8/11:no zip)
McCann's Irish Oatmeal (8/1:98052)
Nestle Morsels, Cookie Dough
Newman’s Own Skillets (8/25:12345)
Old El Paso Product=Save $0.50/1 (8/1:48329)
Old El Paso Products=Save $0.60/3 (8/1:48329)
Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers (8/1:90210)
Olivari Olive Oil (8/3:12345)
Roman Meal Bread (8/6: 63366)
Smuckers (8/20:90210)
Smuckers IceCreamTopping (8/23:98052)
Tobasco Sauce
Uncle Ben's Rice (8/2:website)
Zatarains (8/23:98052)

Foods: Cereal
General Mils Cereals (8/1:90210)
General Mills Chex Cereal (8/1:90210)
General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch (8/1:90210)
General Mills Cocoa Puffs (8/1:90210)
Sweet Home Farm Granola (8/25:12345)

Foods: Cold Case
8th Continent Soy Milk (8/31:77477)
Alpine Lace 1lb Cheese (8/6:90210)
Alpine Lace Deli Cheese (8/6:90210)
Athenos Feta Cheese (8/1:98052)
Bob Evans Sausage Roll (8/26:63110)
Borden Milk Kmart (8/25:33133)
Borden Milk Sedanos (8/25:33133)
Buddy Fruit (8/18:12345)
Challenge Dairy (8/9:98052)
Cheese 2lbs (8/6:84717)Creta Farms Smoked Sausage (8/6:90210)
Emmi Swiss Yogurt (8/16:77477)
Frigo Cheese (8/21:90210)
Hormel Canadian Bacon (8/8:12345)
Isernio (8/12:99218)
JTM Meatball Kit (8/25:45401)
JTM Philly Kit (8/6:45050)
Lactaid Milk (8/1:34669)
Land O Lakes Butter (8/16:77477)
Land O Lakes Cinnamon Butter (8/16:98052)
Land O Lakes Fresh Buttery Taste Spread (8/16:98052)
Land O Lakes Margarine (8/16:98052)
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter (8/16:98052)
Land O Lakes Eggs (8/6:07039)
Lloyd’s BBQ (8/29:98052)
Lloyd’s Woodfire BBQ (8/29:98052)
Milk (8/6:84717)
Philadelphia Cooking Cream (8/1:98052)
Philadelphia Minis (8/10:22222)
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (8/1:90210)
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits (8/1:90210)
Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough (8/1:90210)
Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust, Breadsticks, Loaves, or Dinner Rolls (8/1:90210)
Pillsbury Sweet Moments Refrigerated Desserts (8/1:90210)
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls (8/1:90210)
Smith’s Dairy Dips (8/25:45401)
Smith’s Dairy Milk (8/25:45401)
Yoplait Yogurt (8/1:90210)
Yoplait Frozen Smoothie (8/1:90210)
Yoplait Greek Yogurt (8/1:90210)
Yoplait Kids Yogurts (8/1:90210)
Yoplait Light Parfait (8/1:90210)

Foods: Frozen
Bagelfuls (8/1:98052)
Barber Foods Chicken Breast Products (8/1:90210)
Bob Evans Sandwich or Burrito (8/25:33133)
Cheese Curds (8/2:48329)
DE Wafelbakkers Pancakes (8/8:12345)
Donatos Pizza Krgr (8/8:30303)
IHOP (8/16:30187)
Jamba Juice (8/1:98052)
Kashi Product (8/1/2011:98052)
McCain’s Purely Potatoes (8/28:06082)
Pilgrims Pride Chicken (8/20:90210)
Pillsbury Frozen Egg Scrambles or Biscuit Sandwiches (8/1:90210)
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, Scrambles, or Pancakes (8/1:90210)
Romano's Macaroni Grill Frozen Entree (8/1:90210)
Ruggles (8/25:45401)
Ruggles Pack (8/25:45401)
Snapp's Appetizers (8/2:48329)
Super Pretzel (8/14:no zip)
Totino's Party Pizza (8/1:90210)
Totino's Pizza Rolls (8/1:90210)

Foods: Snacks
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (8/1:90210)
General Mills Cereal Treat Bars (8/1:90210)
General Mills Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies (8/1:90210)
Haribo Gummy Bears (8/23:98052)
Kashi Go Lean Bars (8/27:98052)
Kashi TLC Bars Boxed (8/27:98052)
Kashi TLC Crackers (8/27:98052)
Kettle Chips (8/7:84717)
Nature Valley Granola Bars (8/1:90210)
Nature Valley Granola Thins (8/1:90210)
Poor Brothers Chips (8/25:85321)
Pure Protein Product
Pure Protein Gelatin Snack
Skittles (8/16:30187)
Snikiddy Snacks (8/1:98052)
WhoNu? Cookies (8/1:98052)
Yogi Granola (8/23:98052)

Health & Beauty
Beauty Elite (8/20:98052)
Bioplus Sosilk (8/25:45401)
BioTrue (8/1:90210)
BreathRx (8/4:98052)
Breath Rx (8/23:98052)
Clear Eyes (8/1:90210)
Colgate Products
Colgate Sensitive (8/27:98052)
Dove Body Wash (8/26:95677)
Dove Deodorant DG (8/8:12345)
Efferdent (8/3:10038)
Effergrip (8/1:30303)
Garnier Herbashine (8/9:11211)
Garnier Moisturizer (8/9:11211)
Garnier Nutriesse (8/9:11211)
Garnier Shampoo or Conditioner (8/6:07039)
Garnier Style Product (8/6:07039)
Listerine Kids
L’Oreal Paris Lip (8/9:11211)
L’Oreal Pro-Vive (8/9:11211)
L’Oreal Skincare (8/9:11211)
Maybelline (8/19:98052)
Mitchum (8/6:45050)
Natural Dentist (8/1:98052)
Philips Norelco $5 (8/24:83607)
Philips $10 (8/24:83607)
Philips Sensotouch (8/24:83607)
Philips Shaver Head (8/24:83607)
Polident (8/9:11211)
Sally Hershberger (8/6:90210)
Schick Slim Twin Razor
Sensodyne (8/14:no zip)
Simply U Hair Care (8/11:98052)
Skintimate (8/4:98052)
Suave Bodywash DG (8/8:12345)
Vaseline (8/8:12345)

Brawny (8/14:no zip)
Brita (8/21:90210)
Brita Bottle (8/21:90210)
Chore Boy (8/4:98052)
Clorox (8/21:77477)
Clorox CleanUp (8/23:98052)
Clorox Wipes (8/21:90210)
Formula 409 (8/23:98052)
Glad Food Containers (8/23:98052)
Glidden Gallon (8/26:95677)
Glidden Testers (8/26:95677)
Green Works Products (8/14:77477)
Hefty (8/14:no zip)
Kleenex On-the-Go (8/1:90210)
Kleenex (8/2:website)
Palmolive Baby (8/3:42301)
Renuzit (8/26:95677)
Renuzit Spray (8/26:95677)
Scotch Brite Wipes (8/2:48329)
Scott TP (8/8:12345)
Spot Shot (8/6:98052)
Vanity Napkins (8/1:98052)
Vanity Fair (8/14:no zip)
Waverly (8/18:12345)
Weiman Product
Ziploc Bags (8/21:90210)
Ziploc Containers (8/21:90210)

Infant Care
Enfamil (8/5:30303)
Johnson’s Baby Powder (8/31:98052)
Sprout Baby Food
Triple Cream (8/4:98052)
Triple Paste (8/4:98052)

B2P Pens (8/11:no zip)
Benjamin Moore (8/30:77380)
Combat (8/19:98052)
Chuck E Cheese $10 (8/12:99218)
Chuck E Cheese $15 (8/12:99218)
Directv (8/31:98052)
Essence Magazine (8/1:98052)
Expo Markers (8/8:98052)
Goody's (8/3:42301)
HP Paper (8/1:98052)
InStyle Magazine Aug (8/4:98052)
InStyle Sept Issue (8/19:98052)
Kingsford (8/21:98052)
LeapFrog DVD (8/6:07039)
JC Penney Optical (8/27:98052)
JC Penney Optical Kids (8/27:98052)
Peebles (8/3:42301)
People Magazine (8/12:98052)
Pilot FriXion Pen (8/8:12345)
Rack Room Shoes (8/1:77477)

Bissell (8/1:98052)
Bissell (8/30:77380)
Comfort Zone (8/14:77477)
Dingo (8/9:98052)
Hartz Training Pads (8/1:98052)
Nudges (8/10:80033)
Purina One (8/21:90210)

Aleve (8/8:12345)
Aleve D (8/1:98052)
Bayer (8/1:98052)
Benefiber (8/1:98052)
Citracal 1.00 (8/1:98052)
Citracal 2.00 (8/1:98052)
Claritin (8/14:77477)
Claritin D (8/14:77477)
Disney Vitamins (8/1:98052)
Dr. Scholls Freeze Away (8/1:98052)
Emetrol (8/11:98052)
Flexamin (8/1:98052)
Florastor (8/1:98052)
Focusfactor (8/31:77477)
Lactaid (8/1:98052)
OmegaDHA900 (8/31:77477)
OmegaFactor3 (8/31:77477)
One A Day (8/1:98052)
One A Day & Flinstones (8/1:98052)
Osteo Bi-Flex (8/1:98052)
Phillips Milk of Mag (8/1:98052)
Riccola (8/3:10038)
RID (8/1:98052)
SlowMag (8/3:10038)
Sundown Naturals (8/1:98052)
Sun Down Naturals (8/9:98052)
Urizonic (8/1:98052)

8/31 Coupon Matchups: MarketPlace, Sureway, FoodGiant

Sales begin Wednesday, August 31st, and end Tuesday, September 6th.

Today begins the Labor Day Weekend Sale!  Be sure to bring your scissors and grab three copies of the weekly ad as you enter the store!  There are In-Store coupons to help you save at all 3 stores!

Tombstones On Sale Everywhere!

Wow, Tombstone Pizza is on sale all over Hopkins County this week.  Starting today you can get it...
  • At Kroger through Saturday :  4/$10
  • At Food Giant through 9/6 :  3/$10
  • At Sureway through 9/6 :  3/$10
  • At Market Place through 9/6 :  3/$10
And, as always, you can price match any of those deals at Walmart.  I'm actually curious to see if Walmart goes lower than Kroger's $2.50 each.  Gotta love competition!  Be sure to get your printable from the Nestle website to Save $1.50/3, just click here!

No Inserts This Weekend, Sleep In

Just read on Sunday Coupon Preview that there will be no coupon inserts this weekend because of the Labor Day Holiday.  Anyone else planning to sleep in?!

8/30 Hot Coupon Topics

So, it is Wednesday morning, there is no school in Hopkins County today (hooray!), and I am just now sitting down to read my email...from yesterday!  Here's a click through list of all the hot topics from yesterday's coupon-osphere.

  • Home Made Simple, Magnetic Activity & Chore List - if you didn't know that I would love these, you just don't know me at all.  I love anything free and printable!  This template doesn't come with a lot of "chores" so you could always elaborate on the idea to fit your families needs!
  • Huggies, Play to Win Winnie the Pooh Soundtrack - if you didn't know that I love soundtracks, you just don't know me at all!  I am a proud owner of the Aladdin soundtrack on cassette tape!  Yeah, it's that old.  I can show you the world...of couponing anyway.  Good luck, let me know if you win!
  • Haribo Gummy Reset? - if this coupon reset for you, you're doing better than me.  The magic zip code is 62946, but it was still Print Limit Reached for me.  Maybe it ran out again?  I tried clicking the link at the left and it looked like it was going to print, even let me click the coupon and select print, then nothing happened!  I'm guessing that coupon is just gone, baby, gone.
  • Money Saving Madness: Free at Target - maybe you'll be near a Target this holiday weekend and can score these four free items!
  • Hip2Save partners with - watch Colin's latest video telling us about the changes to Hip2Save!  I love Colin's videos, they are a must watch.
  • MoJo Savings, Burger King Coupon Booklet - did you get a Burger King coupon booklet in your mailbox?  We did and I was happy to see it!  I haven't looked to see what the coupons are for, but I see a lot of BK eating in our future!
  • Coupon Geek, Free Brut Deodorant at Dollar General - I checked for this at Dollar General in Hoptown yesterday (I had to be at Fort Campbell for an awards ceremony, hubby received his Purple Heart!) and they did not carry the Brut Deodorant.  Not sure about the Dollar Generals in Hopkins County, there are about 6 locations so you just might get lucky enough to find it!  Kroger has it 10/$10 a lot, so keep an eye on this when you're Krogering.
  • Loyal Couponer, Free Dawn at CVS - I checked my P&G from the Owensboro paper and the Dawn coupons are 50-cents off Dawn and 75-cents off Dawn PLUS.  Both Dawn products are 99-cents at CVS through Saturday, so you could get the Dawn PLUS for 24-cents!  I encounter an out-of-stock problem at CVS, unless you're doing the gas deal, I would price match this at Walmart where you're probably going to have better luck finding it on the shelf.  I also checked the online weekly ad for Madisonville and Dawn is on the very first page!
  • Coupons, Deals, and More, Extreme Couponing Reality - nothing particularly riveting about this one, anything with "Extreme Couponing" usually catches my eye.  I am a fan of the show.  Blame all the coupon changes on it all day long, and I'll still be a fan.  In my (humble) opinion, the changes needed to be made to coupon policies to keep couponers honest.  Some of the deal makers I have read about were just plain wrong and violated the "spirt" of couponing.  There is a line, albeit a fine line, between using your coupons in the manner they were intended and using them to steal items from the store.  Yep, I said it.  Some couponers bend the rules to the point where it should be considered stealing!  And not in a good way.
  • Peebles, 20% off shopping pass - print the shopping pass and use it through September 3rd; plus print the other coupons to save money all September long!  While you're there purchase a Reusable Bag for $5 to benefit Operation Homefront, then receive a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon!
  • Krazy Coupon Lady, 25-cent Magic Erasers - if you're near Target this weekend, chances are there'll also be a Home Depot nearby.  Use your Home Made Simple coupon to get Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for a quarter!  Or use the 50-cent coupon in the 8/28 P&G, pay 50-cents.
  • Long John Silver's, 2-piece Chicken Tender Basket $3.99 - there's no coupon for this, but that picture just looks yummy!  The meal doesn't include a drink, so I've been  known to hit the drive through and then hit the Dollar Tree for a $1 bottle of soda.  Or, run into Dollar General for a cold bottle of water, just be sure to get it from the milk cooler, it's cheaper than the drink cooler near the register!  Or, if water is free at LJS, just ask for a cup!
  • Home Solutions News, coupons - I can't get my password to work this morning, but there are usually several printable coupons from Home Solutions news.  I don't think this recipe for Mac & Cheese would be cheaper than the sale at Food Giant, Market Place, and Sureway, but if you're interested in making it from scratch, this looks pretty yummy.

DE Wafelbakker's eCoupon

I don't spend a lot of time loading eCoupons onto my Kroger card.  But, I'm glad I took time this morning to view my loaded coupons because I had several that were use or lose today!  I've got a list for hubby, he just doesn't know it yet!  Plus, I saw this one for DE Wafelbakker's pancakes and added it for later.  Did you notice the expiration date?  It doesn't expire until 2012!  I've tried the silver dollar size pancakes and loved them!

Printable: Johnson's Baby Powder

Click to Print! Johnson’s Baby Powder (8/31:98052)

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