Thursday, June 9, 2011

Messenger Newspaper Subscription

I can't remember the last time I received the free copy of the Pennyrile Plus on Wednesday courtesy of the Messenger.  It's been a while.  A long while.  So, imagine my surprise when I found a rolled up newspaper at the end of my drive way today.  Today is Thursday, I'm fairly certain, and the newspaper is for yesterday, but hey it was free.  It's a subscription drive, you see.  The paper was wrapped in an ad listing the prices for subscribing.  If the Messenger had Sunday coupons, signing up for the Buy a 1 Year Subscription, get a 1 Year Subscription Free, might be a pretty good deal.  If you are interested in subscribing the number to call is:  270-824-3256.  Tell them you heard it from The Hopkins County Couponer.  Maybe they will send some free advertising my way!  And if I'm not misreading, you may be able to take advantage of these prices as long as you have "not been a new subscriber for the past 30 days."  Time to renew?  See if you qualify for the discounted prices!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Johnsonville Brat Burger Printable

Walmart does indeed carry these Johnsonville Bratwurst Patties and Italian Sausage Patties.  I found them in the middle, waist high freezers.  I'm pretty sure they were closer toward the fresh fruit side of the store than the deli side.  You can get a 6-pack box of either variety for $6.98.  The coupon is $1 off one (32 oz) package.  I had never heard of these, so I can't say if they are good or not.  I know someone who loves Bratwurst so maybe we can get a product review out of her!  If you've had them or you try them, let me know about it!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Johnsonville Chicken Sausage Printable

While at the Johnsonville site to print the Brat Burger coupon, I stumbled across a coupon for Johnsonville Chicken Sausage.  It says:  Save 55-cents, Try New Johnsonville Fully Cooked Chicken Sausage.  I do not know if you can find these locally, but here's the coupon link just in case!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

All Laundry Printable

Here's another All Laundry printable coupon you may want to take to Kroger.  All is on sale for $2.99, select varieties, through Saturday.  The coupon if specifically for $1 off any All Free Clear Oxi-Active Laundry Detergent (28 loads or larger).  You could also bring the Kroger ad to Walmart and price match.  $1.99 is a good price for detergent!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Coupon Recon: Farmland Products

Walmart carries several Farmland products, including Diced Ham ($2.98), Ham Steaks ($2.98-I'm not sure that is the correct price for this product), and Bacon ($4.48).  There were probably more, but that's all I had time to scope out.  I don't really consider myself a "country girl" but the diced ham works well in a pot of navy beans! 

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Frigo Cheese Printable

Go to the Frigo cheese website for a 40-cent off any one package of Frigo cheese printable coupon.  Earlier this year the website offered a $1 off coupon and I ran into some difficulty using it to purchase the 33-cent sticks at Walmart.  There was a somewhat heated debate between myself and the Walmart CSM on what did and did not constitute a "package".  Since this coupon is 40-cents, I don't see it causing too much of a problem for you.  But!  That is a double-able coupon so you may be able to get a good deal at Kroger, I'm pretty sure they carry Frigo cheese!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Update: Staples $3 Off Coupon

Have you been using your $3 off coupon at Staples?  I used it yesterday to pick up a pack of my favorite ink pens for just $2.99!  Today I used it to get three bottles of hand soap.  I've never used the Lucky Super Soft Hand Soap before, but at $1 a bottle and the $3 off coupon making all three bottles free, I am willing to give them a try.  The thing that took me by surprise, though, is that I didn't have to pay anything!  Not even taxes!
If you're curious: the orange is Papaya & Mango, Yellow is Tropical Garden, Clear is Coconut & Lime.

Don't forget, you can use this coupon once a day through Saturday.  There were several $1 items grouped together.  If you can't use anything from Staples, you could pick three items to ad to your donations stockpile!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Coupon Recon: Finish at Walgreens

I am happy to report that the Walgreens on S. Main does indeed have the Finish Register Reward posted.  I am unhappy to report that both the tabs and gel pacs are sold out.  Ok, there was a lonely box of tabs on the shelf and it looked so sad I just had to bring it home with me!  The good news is this deal is good through June 26th 25th.  (Whoopsie, I made a typo!  That should be the 25th, not the 26th!)  You probably can't read that last line on the bottom of the tag, but it states:  Good 5/29/2011 to 6/25/2011.  Since this deal is good for a couple more weeks, be sure you check your 6/12 insert for more Finish coupons!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Lean Pockets Printable

Login to Facebook and "Like" Lean Pockets to be eligible to print a Save $1.50 on 3 (2-pack) boxes.  I am not sure if the Lean Pocket variety is included, but the Hot Pocket are on sale at Market Place this week. 
I hope the coupon is still available!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Aquafresh Printables

There are several printables available for Aquafresh products.  You have to sign up in order to print these:  Pictured above is the 50-cents off a Trial Size.  I love that it is specifically for the trial size which is available at Walmart for about a buck.  No, it's not going to be free after coupon, but I think tossing one into your shopping basket once a week isn't going to break the bank  Plus, it's handy to have a couple tubes in your stockpile in case you have a vacation coming up!  And it would be a great donation item! 

Acutally, this coupon will double!  It might be free if you can find the travel size at Kroger, Market Place, or Sureway!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Reminder: Dollar General $5 off $25 Coupon

If you think you may want to run into Dollar General on Saturday to take advantage of the $5 off a $25 purchase, be sure to go to the website and print the coupon rather than using the coupon you may have gotten at the bottom of your sales receipt.  Here's the link:

There is a wording difference between the two and I believe that the printable coupon from the website will allow you to use the Dollar General coupon in addition to using manufacturer's coupons.  The Dollar General coupon policy says they allow both coupons to be used on the same purchase as long as the coupon doesn't state otherwise.  Clear as mud, right?  The printable states: Not valid with any other Dollar General coupon offers.  The receipt coupon states: Not valid with any other coupons or offers.  I do warn you that you may run into problems using this coupon with manufacturer's coupons.

I would think this coupon works just like the $3 off a $15 purchase coupon you sometimes get at CVS or RiteAid.  You'll need your transaction total to be $25 or more before tax.  You'll present the Dollar General Coupon first, taking off the $5 from your total.  Then, if you can use manufacturer's coupons, you would give them last. 

If you want a copy of the Dollar General Coupon Policy, you can print it here:    I have had great coupon experiences at Dollar General, and I have had less than great experiences.  Don't tell my readers ;-} but I love the DG in Crofton (hi, Kathy!).  I know Crofton is not in Hopkins County, but I've never ran into a problem there.  I'd love to hear about your savings if you make it out to Dollar General on Saturday!

UPDATE:  I just received a reply to my question in the We Use Coupon forum regarding combining the $5 DG coupon and manufacturer's coupons....seems like this is a go.  Just be sure your before tax and before coupon total is $25 and that you present your DG coupon FIRST!  Good luck!
Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

*HOT* Lysol Cleanflip Printables

You can print a $3.00 off the new Lysol Clean-Flip coupon from AND you can also print a $3.00 off coupon from the Clean-Flip website!  That's right, that means you can print four (4) of these coupons from your computer.  At least, it allowed me to print two from and turn right around and print two from  This is a new product and I haven't used it, but unless it's super expensive, these coupons should make a pretty good buy out of it!  The coupons are for $3 off one Starter Kit or One refill 24-32 count.  Because it's a new product, I expect to see some sort of sale on them at the chain pharmacies.  The coupons I printed have an expiration date of 10/31/2011 so that's plenty of time to find a good deal!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

KY Brand Printables

There are two coupons available for KY Brand Products.  Assuming Madisonville Walmart carries the small bottle for $2.62, you should be able to use a $2 off coupon and a $3 off coupon to get two bottles for only 24-cents!  This is for the 2oz Size.

Here's a link to the $2 off coupon:  If this link doesn't work, go to Southern Savers and try the link there!

Here's the link to the $3 off coupon:  If this link doesn't work, go to My Litter and try the link there!

Looking for an alternate use for KY?  Try these:

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Coupon Recon: Best Place To Use That Coupon

Do you get coupons in the paper and wonder, where do they sell that product?  Or do you wonder where I can I get the best deal?  Here is some helpful information for you!

Safeguard or Ivory Liquid Hand Soap: buy it at Market Place
Walmart and Walgreens don't carry it, Kroger doesn't carry it.  I finally stumbled across it at Sureway and then found it at Market Place.  At Market Place, Safeguard runs $1.95 and Ivory runs $1.39 (it was a little higher at Sureway).  If we get another dollar off Ivory coupon, I'll definitely be using it at Market Place for the hand soap.  Not sure why the Safeguard is so much higher than the Ivory, probably just because it's at the super market.  With a $1 off coupon, 95-cents for hand soap isn't a bad price, though!  This would be one of the items to throw into your cart during each shopping trip so you don't increase your bottom line too much in one visit.

Wacky Mac Pasta: buy it at Market Place
There is a coupon at for 40-cents off; Walmart carries it for 1.26; Market Place carries it for $1.28 and DOUBLES this coupon to 80-cents making your total 48-cents!  Definitely want to use this coupon at Market Place!  Once you print it, the expiration date should be about 30 days away, hang onto it and see if it goes on sale!

Carmex Lip Balm: buy it at Market Place or Walmart
Did you print your Carmex 35-cents off coupon?  Walmart has it priced as low as 98-cents, or 63-cents after coupon.  BUT!  Use the same coupon at Market Place where it is $1.29 and the coupon doubles to 70-cents, pay only 59-cents.  I could not find the little "pots" of Carmex at Market Place, just the roll-up and squeezy tubes.

Heinz Ketchup:  buy it at Market Place
The 40 oz Heinz Ketchup was $1.98 yesterday at Walmart.  Even if you price match to the Market Place advertised price of $1.48, you're going to pay an extra 50-cents to buy it at Walmart.  Market Place will double your coupon, saving you a dollar off the purchase price!

Tic Tacs: buy it at Walmart
There is reportedly an upcoming coupon for $1 any one Tic Tac.  Prices ranged from $1.04 to $1.50 for Tic Tacs at Walmart.  I forgot to check the prices at Market Place.  Because this coupon doesn't double, you're probably going to find it for less at Walmart.  Please keep in mind that we may not see this coupon in our local papers!

Nestle Crunch Bars: buy it at Market Place
I could not find any Nestle Crunch singles in the Walmart checkout.  I could not find the price of the singles in the Market Place checkout!  Other candy bars were about 75-cents, though, so I'm going to say use your 35-cent off coupon at Market Place where it will double to 70-cents.  There is also going to be a sale on Nestle coming up at Walgreens, I haven't checked to be sure they carry Nestle Crunch.  If you try to get it at Walgreens, you'll probably be greeted by empty shelves; the couponers love Walgreens and have been picking it dry!  If you want to get it at Walgreens, get there early on the Sunday when the sale starts!  But, I will use this coupon at Market Place.  I didn't check each checkout lane, but with about 10 lanes, I'm sure Market Place will not run out!

If you're looking for a specific product, send me an email at and I'll add it to my watch list.

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
The Hopkins County Couponer (6.9/2011)

Update: Finish Dishwasher Products

If you read my previous post about Finish Dishwashing Products, you'll be happy to hear that there are 3 coupons in the 6/12 Smart Source for Finish!  I hope we see these in our area!  If for some unfortunate reason we do not get them in the local papers, I would recommend ordering them from a clipping service.  These coupons expire August 7th so that's about 7 weeks to find a good sale price. 

Walgreens Deal:  I haven't been into Walgreens to verify this for myself....Wild For Wags is reporting that there is a Register Reward deal on Finish Gelpaks or JetDry that runs through June 26th.  I've already got this deal on my list of things to look for, so I'll do a little digging and repost an update soon!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/9/2011)

Update: 6/12 Sunday Coupon Preview

Both Smart Source and Red Plum coupon previews are posted at Sunday Coupon Preview.  Check them out at
6/12 Smart Source
There are 40 coupons on the preview list.  Ten of those coupons are for save $2 or higher (expect regional differences, as always).  There are two coupons for Buy x Get x Free.  Here are my coupons of interest:
  • Ball or Kerr jars,any case, Save $0.75/1 (8/31) [haven't seen this coupon before!]
  • Finish Quantum 25ct, Powerball 32ct, Gelpac 32ct, Save $1/1 (8/7) [More Finish Coupons!!!]
  • Pullups & Huggies coupons for those of you with kiddos!  I used to love seeing the Pullups coupons!  So glad my kids are potty trained!

6/12 Red Plum
There are 37 coupons on the preview list.  Fifteen of those coupons are for save $2 or higher (expect regional differences, as always).  And there are three Buy x Get x Free coupons.  We've seen a lot of these coupons in past weeks, but if it's something you use, that's a good thing!  Here are my coupons of interest:
  • Bounty Basic, 6-roll or larger, Save $1/1 (7/31)
  • Dial Lotion or Bodywash, Save $2/1 (6/30) [be on the lookout for a sale for this!]
  • Pillsbury Frosting or Brownie Mix, Save $1/2 (9/30) [nice far off exp date, think the Brownie Mix was a dollar recently at Market Place]
  • Soft Scrub Total or Bleach product, Buy One Get One Cream Cleanser or gel FREE, up to $3.79, excludes 36oz (7/10) [I'll be watching for a sale on this product!]
  • Tic Tac single pak or multipack, Save $1/1 (8/31) [this will be the HOT coupon of the weekend!]
Check out the entire list at  and

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/7/2011)