Saturday, June 18, 2011

SmartSource 5Gum Printable

Head over to SmartSource for the 5Gum printable.  Gum is on sale frequently at the pharmacies so keep an eye on the sales ads!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/18/2011)

Did you get next week's Kmart ad?

This could be good news.  Southern Savers is reporting that the Super Doubles is happening again at Kmart through June 25th!  Usually I get a sale ad in the Friday mail, but nothing arrived from Kmart yesterday or today!  So, I will be checking the online ad first thing tomorrow morning for more details!  Southern Savers has a link to a pdf list of participating stores and I am happy to see both the Madisonville and Hopkinsville stores on the list (pg 7 of 17).  That's got me very hopeful!  This event is only for coupons 99-cents and under, so it's not as great as the ones we saw at tax time.  Here's to hoping they have lots of great sale items in next week's ad!

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/18/2011)

Sunday Morning Update:  I took a look through the online ad and couldn't find anything about this Super Doubles event.  I'm hoping I just over looked it.  I'll pick up a copy of the ad and see what's going on!

All You Grocery Circular Roundup

Here's a new feature to  It's sort of like a coupon database, just listing sale prices instead of coupons.  The thing is, for the Madisonville zip code, stores are showing up that are not local to Madisonville.  I wonder what kind of mileage radius this thing works with because if you have to drive to Evansville to get the best price, you are not saving any money!

And three of our major grocery stores are missing from the list!  Where's Market Place, Sureway, and Food Giant?  All three have online ads.  I'm afraid this tool isn't going to be very helpful to me.

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/18/2011)

All You Grocery Challenge Welcome Email

Got an email Welcome from the "All You Grocery Challenge".  I was surprised to click on the Couponing 101 article and see this for tip number three....

I don't know how your couponing experiences have gone, but I sometimes feel that each coupon is scrutinized beyond what should be reasonable and customary.  Wait, let me back up a second.  All You magazine is available only in Walmart stores.  I realize that the "advice" provided by the magazine isn't the same as an endorsement by Walmart, but it sort of feels like a back door endorsement to me.  So, why do I still feel like Walmart cashiers give me the death glare when they see my coupons?  You can see all the tips here:  Here's the list, abridged:

Tip 1:  Find coupons in the store:  Blinkies, Peelies, Catalinas, In store coupons (i think that may be blasphemy since Walmart doesn't offer cats to their customers; of course, they will accept catalina coupons from their competitors.)
Tip 2:  Ask for a rain check:  This is pretty interesting because it can only be referring to shopping in stores other than Walmart.  I'd like to know if Walmart will issue me a raincheck on a sale at Walgreens!  Actually, that'd be pretty sweet!  To be clear, as far as I am aware, you can not get a raincheck from Walmart!
Tip 3:  Buy less, save more:  This is just basic couponing, but the tip actually says "If there’s a sample size, see if you can apply the coupon to that―you could end up getting the item free!"  Love it.  The thing is, the register does beep a lot when you use a coupon for a travel/trial size item.  I do not love the beep!
Tip 4:  Google for what you need:  google your way to printable coupons! 
Tip 5:  Use paperless coupons:  well, we all know this option is out at Walmart.
Tip 6:  Let someone else do the work:  enter the link for coupon clipping services.  I can appreciate a clipping service that has tomorrow's coupons today.

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/18/2011) Printables

Headed over the to find the Dove Deodorant printable, but was unable to find it!  Better luck to you!  I did find a coupon for Pillsbury and Good Life Recipe for Cats!

Hmmm, would only allow me to print this coupon once.  Very unusual.  Look for a sale, that's my guess.  Save 55-cents on any Pillsbury Frosting, Brownie Mix or Cookie Mix.  Zip Code: 60606

I never find any great deals on pet food.  How about you?  Zip Code: 60606

Anyone know if Kroger stocks these?  Zip Code: 30303

I know Kroger has the Smart Life Butter, not so sure about the eggs.  The coupon will double if you can find these at Kroger, Market Place, or Sureway!  Zip Code: 30303

Never did find that Dove Deodorant coupon....but not a bad morning for coupons! 

Thanks again, and happy couponing!
--The Hopkins County Couponer (6/18/2011)