Friday, October 21, 2011

Leigh's blog is full of it today!  That is, full of Bologna!  I have an aunt who loves to say "oh baloney" when she thinks you're telling a fib.  Check out Leigh's latest Full of Bologna and I am sure you will learn something new, I certainly did!  Check out the comment I left for a money saving place to shop for Bologna this week!

And, she's definitely right about a baloney sandwich made by someone else.  My dad used to cut off the crusts and then cut the sandwich into little triangles...yum, was the best thing ever! 

You can find Full of Bologna on iSurf, too!

Krazy Coupon Lady: DIY Can Rotator

DIY is totally cool around my house so I was super happy to see this post by the Krazy Coupon Lady for turning an empty soda 12-pack box into a Can Rotator!  I love the fancy can organizers the Extreme Couponers use to corral their canned stockpile, so this may be my DIY solution.  I have a Diet Pepsi box that is just dying for a makeover!