Thursday, January 12, 2012

White Cloud Coupon Club

It's turning out to be a pretty good Thursday!  Although, I did kind of hope we would have snow!  Not much, just enough to keep the kiddos home from school.  Weren't snow days just so exciting when you were a kid? 
Any hoo....I was especially tickled when I opened my email to find a coupon from White Cloud (from yesterday, I'm so behind.)!  And it's a high value coupon; $2 off any pack of White Cloud (excluding 4-packs and soft cloths).  The down side is that it was email specific, meaning my email address is attatched to the print link so that I can't share it.  If you see links for this coupon, keep an eye on your address bar.  I haven't purchased White Cloud in a while, but I think it was around $5.30 for a 12-roll package.  If the price is right, this will definitely make it into my shopping cart this week!

The up side is that you can easily sign up for the White Cloud Coupon Club...yeah, I didn't know there was a coupon club, but I like the sound of that!  If that coupon club link doesn't get you to the sign up page, try this: White Cloud.

And while you're in newsletter signup mode, be sure to sign up with Kellogg's.
Coupons for $1 off Two are pretty good!  Espcecially when the cereal your husband likes is on sale at Kroger this week!

Did You Do Kmart Doubles Yesterday?

Just curious if anyone did any Double Couponing at Kmart yesterday?  Mark your calendars for the next several weeks so you don't miss the Double Coupon days, every Wednesday and Saturday! 

I had a few difficult couponing trips at Kmart last year in the beginning of my coupon journey.  But, I am happy to say that the employees at the Madisonville Kmart have been super-duper nice and helpful for the past two weeks when I've been Double Couponing!  If anyone from Kmart is reading this, please pass on a big ol' THANKYOU to the wonderful folks who assisted me yesterday!  And ask the store to please stock eggs!  ;-}

If you're shopping at Kmart, be sure to grab the Storewide Savings Guide from the little shelf by the service desk.  Those sale prices are good through February 6th.  And there are a few good "free" item coupons on the front cover! 

Culinary Crafts: 13 x 3

Did you realize tomorrow is Friday the 13th?  I didn't put the 1 and 3 together until I read this week's Culinary Crafts: 13 x 3 (read it on iSurf, too).  And how many do we have this year?  Really?

Boy am I in big trouble.  You see, I am a picky eater.  And all those wonderful recipes Leigh shares with us this week...well, they are all a bit too interesting for me!  If the pork chops make that dish lucky, I might be ok; I'll just have to substitute "seasoned meat tenderizer" for all those really interesting spices!  As I type this I can see it's just beginning to snow...I think I'll just stay home tomorrow!