Sunday, December 18, 2011

What? Coupon Savings in Most Sunday Papers?

Not sure if you can read it in the picture on the left, but the little red box says "coupon savings in most Sunday papers" and it's from the Walgreens ad that begins today!  Southern Savers said earlier in the week that there will be no coupon inserts today so I am just a bit confused by this ad!  But before you rush out for a paper this morning, Sunday Coupon Preview says there are no inserts today, too.  But, aren't you a little curious about that ad?  The Proctor & Gamble insert usually has coupons for those toothbrushes but that insert is scheduled to come out 'til next Sunday...

Anyhoo...Hope everyone had a nice weekend before Christmas!  Evansville was very busy yesterday!  Thank goodness we only have one week to go!

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