Friday, September 2, 2011

{{HOT}} Old El Paso Back Again

Click to Print! Old El Paso ($0.50:9/2:19464)

The doubleable Old El Paso coupon is back again! 

Use this $0.50 off one Old El Paso product to get a great deal on Taco Mix or Shells or Beans!

UPDATE:  I could only get this $0.50 coupon to print once the first time I tried.  The coupon actually disappeared out of my window!  I closed my browser, clicked the above link again and it was back!  I thought maybe it would print if I selected another coupon to print at the same time, I clicked the Hasbro Monopoly coupon, and they both printed with no problem!  So, if you can't get it to print for a second time, "clip" another coupon so you have two coupons selected and see what happens!  Good Luck!

Click to Print! Old El Paso Products=Save $0.60/3 (8/1:48329)
I haven't spotted this one again, but let's hope it makes an appearance again this month, too!

Back Again: Peebles & Goody's

Click to Print! Goody’s (8/3:42301)

Click to Print! Peebles (8/3:42301)

New Printables from

Simply Orange ($1.00:9/2:77477)
Simply Orange -Ades ($1.00:9/2:77477)
Peet‘s Coffee ($1.50:9/2:77477)
Tetley Tea ($0.50:9/2:77477)

Boxed / Canned
Old El Paso ($0.55:9/2:19464)

Cold Case
Reser‘s Fine Foods ($1.00:9/2:77477)

Celebration Foods ($1.00:9/2:19464)

Health & Beauty
Carmex ($1.00:9/2:77477)
AmLactin Lotion ($2.00:9/2:77477)

Spic & Span ($1.00:9/2:77477)
Infant Care
Sprout Baby Food (B3G1:9/2:77477)
Gerber Puffs ($1.00:9/2:77477)
Gerber Melts ($1.00:9/2:77477)
Gerber Pickups ($0.55:9/2:77477)
Gerber Entrees ($1.00:9/2:77477)

Combat ($1.00:9/2:19464)

Picture People ($18.00:9/2:77477)
Sears Portrait Studio (20%:9/2:77477)

Solid Gold Dog Food ($3.00:9/2:77477)
Solid Gold Dog Food ($5.00:9/2:77477)
Solid Gold Dog Food ($7.00:9/2:77477)

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