Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday (1/21) ToDo List: Dollar General & Kmart

Don't forget today is the day to save $5 off your purchase of $25 at Dollar General.  Remember, the $25 is BEFORE your manufacturer's coupons, so you can increase your savings by using manufacturer's coupons!  Deal ideas: Dollar items without a coupon, even better with a coupon; Health & Beauty items, smaller packages often mean smaller price tags, but still meet the requirements for manufacturer's coupons!

Today's a great day to take advantage of the Double Coupons at Kmart.  Purchase $25 in grocery/pharmacy products and get 5 coupons doubled at the register ($1 or less)!  Plus, Kmart often offers a "free" item for purchasing $25 so keep an eye on the sale ads.  If they don't have the "free" item, ask if they are substituting something for it.  Deal idea: Soda has been priced 3 for $9 the past two weeks and is a great item to bump up your total toward the $25 mark. 

Printables: Brawny, Dial, American Greetings 77477

Save 55-cents off ONE Big Roll or Larger Package of Brawny Paper Towels

If the big rolls are part of the 10 for $10 at Kroger, that's where I would use this coupon!

Save $1.00 off ONE 8-Roll or Larger Package of Brawny Paper Towels

The 8-roll pack has been $7 at Dollar General, and this coupon would double at Kmart, so keep an eye on prices to see where you can get the most value!

Save $1.00 off Dial for Men Speed Foam Body Wash

I haven't noticed this product in stores, have you?  Keep an eye on those big, green cardboard bins at Walmart!

Free Card with purchase of 2 greeting cards and coupon

The wording on this coupon is strange...why would they include the "and coupon" part?  I'm reading that the American Greetings cards are available at CVS and Rite Aid.  I usually buy my cards at Dollar General or Dollar Tree, so I can't say for sure if AG Cards are available locally or not!

USPS: Stamps increase to 45-cents

It's not exactly a coupon thing, but you can save 20-cents per book if you purchase your stamps today instead of waiting until next week! 

That's right, postage rates will rise by one-cent tomorrow (1/22). 

I love the post office and the luxury of getting mail delivered to my house so I'm not upset by this 1-cent increase.  The last increase was in 2009, so the USPS should be way down on the list of things to complain about!