Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coupon for Change (3/28-4/3)

Coupon for Change is a new weekly post to go along with the Coupon Matchups. It's simply a list of $1 and under items that would make great donation items.

Spend $1 each week as you shop and add the item(s) to your donation box. When your box is full, drop it off at your favorite food bank! You'll barely notice spending that extra dollar at the checkout.

But, you will notice what a wonderful thing you're doing when your dontation box begins to overflow! Just remember, check the expiration dates as you shop. You'll want to get items that won't expire for a while, I look for an expiration date around May 2013.

Coupon For Change at Market Place
  • Best Choice Vegetables 2/$1
  • Mount Olive Squeeze Relish $1.00 (I think there is usually a bottle for around a buck?)
  • Always Save Canned Corn or Green Beans 2/$1
Coupon For Change at Food Giant & Sureway
  • Purex $1.98 {-.50/1 Purex liquid detergent, excl trial sizes, RP 3/11 (Only 98-cents after double coupon at Sureway, **BUY IT**)
  • Best Choice Pasta or Rice Sides $0.78

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